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  • Why would you send me a message (profanity-laced doesn't do it justice) on Metal Heroes wiki of all places? Here's my response. Duo, you are persistent in believing that you are always right with your information, even when everything else clearly poitns out that you're wrong most of the time. Even worse, you provide no backup for your assertions, and you fly off the handle when someone goes and actually proves you wrong. The final straw was you completely making up the Crossbone Ghost's backstory...which if you read Zeonic's scanlation of the manga, Curtis clearly says that he found it in space. You put misinformation on there because you felt you were right, even though there was evidence pointing to the contrary.

    To be honest, I hoped that you would stop putting what you think is right above everything else, and stop flying off the handle when you're wrong. You need to get some anger management courses. But since you've failed to do that, that's why I had to block you. I'll reduce the block to 4 years on the condition that you get some help with your obvious anger issue as well as not being so reliant on what you think is right.

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