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  • Hello,

    I have some images I want to upload for the following character: Yamazin Toka.

    They are three profile pictures I found from the main Gundam site. I only intend to upload these three images for the Admins to add and edit onto her page. Since I'm only doing this once, I wanted to reach out to an Admin to see if it was okay for me to upload them and/or if there are procedures I had to follow.

    If it is possible for your to help me and answer my questions or if you can refer me to an Admin who can better help in this situation, please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time.

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    • See Gundam Wiki:Image Policy.

      For most part, the two basic requirement is that the filename must be descriptive (we aren't very strict with it, but random string of alphabets and numbers or something so generic like "chara00.jpg" is unacceptable), and we only allow images with watermarked if it come from official site.

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    • Thank you for the reply. What do you mean by watermarked?

      The filenames from the site are basically 38a and 38b. I found a front profile image without the Gjallarhorn logo in the background from this site. Saves the trouble of having to remove the logo through a site like Photoshop. Or would it be preferable to send the front profile image from the official site?

      Also, I noticed on the page for Gaelio, (under History Post Disaster 325) Yamazin's full name is not linked to her page on the wiki. Just thought you should know.

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    • The filenames from the site are basically 38a and 38b.

      You can rename it upon upload the image, its original name is irrelevant.

      What do you mean by watermarked?

      Some fansite added watermark on image, we don't allow that.

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    • So I just submitted my three pictures of Yamazin. They include a front profile image, a side/back profile image, and a headshots image. I accidentally submitted them through the generic link on the Images page. However I then followed the Special:Upload link to apply the necessary license for all three images. Did I do the proper licensing procedures to submit them? Will there be any problems? If so, please feel free to delete the images and contact me with a reason why. If not, feel free then to add the provided images to Yamazin's page. Thank you for your help in this process.

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