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  • Hey guys I've been thinking since the last topic and about Coordinators.

    I wonder why normal humans want all of them dead? Well it reminds of racism whites against black and the uttering of the N-word (I'm not saying it)

    So tell me. Why do the normal Humans want to kill coordinators and what did the coordinators ever do to the normal humans in the first place?

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    • "I wonder why normal humans want all of them dead?"

      Simple, they aren't.

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    • Then why do I see in Gundam Seed signs saying no more coordinators and they use big sticks to beat on them and machine guns firing at them killing them?

      I'm serious about this, They made Lacus Clyne compared to Martian Luther King Jr I'm telling ya.

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    • Envy of the Coordinator's abilities and/or ethical concerns regarding genetic modification. For reasons like those, Blue Cosmos was formed.

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    • Blue Cosmos huh?

      (sighs) The normal humans must have a reason why they hat Coordinators, I mean I think Lacus is super cute but want her and her fiance Athrun dead so bad they want them to burn in hell really?

      Do you know what it remind of? White simplify over Blacks and Latinos of Donald Trump.

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    • Keep bringing RL controversy to this, and I will have to ban you.

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    • Kuruni I didn't bring nothing. So please don't accuse me of nothing.

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    • So Kuruni you set people up. Maybe you should be a little more nicer.

      Don't you see I'm sick? So if you ban me I'll explode and die is that what you want?

      Just who the hell are you to make threats?

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    • White simplify over Blacks and Latinos of Donald Trump.

      That's the real life controversy I talked about (as much as some might contest, Donald Trump is very real person). Cut it out.

      Don't you see I'm sick.


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    • It's because there were Naturals who were against the idea of gene manipulation and decided that they should be all wiped out, no matter if they're on Earth or the PLANTs, and Blue Cosmos is the most well known anti-coordinator organization. It would not be until the later events of SEED Destiny that the hate against Coordinators came to an end thanks to Durandal, and the destruction of Blue Cosmos.

      I just basically summed it all up.

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