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  • A lot of these images don't have replacements. Half of the G Gundam characters don't even have an image in their infobox now, and I think the one you just deleted from the Titans Gundam page was the only clear scan of that manga on the whole web. Just renaming them is enough.

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    • The problem is, leaving them around make people think it's ok to upload file with name like Hello.jpg, en mass.

      I once spent hours carefully rename files and replace all the links to those files, only for someone else to upload VclsnapRandomNumbers.jpg twice as many within minutes. So it's clear that "just renaming them" is neither enough nor effective.

      Now, if you want me to restore deleted images, then please give me specific filename and what it is about (for example, the one on Gundam Titans Type should at least mentioned the manga's title), so I can restore and rename them properly. If you found an image with bad filename, them rename it first. I won't delete anything with descriptive filename, even if it is vague.

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    • Alright then, the file name is Bed962ab.jpg, the title is G2 Complex. I'll rename it if you can restore it.

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    • Done, please rename it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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