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With Tiffa's condition growing worse, the crew of the Freeden try to figure out the reasoning of their Captain for taking the girl in the first place and why he is so set on risking a dangerous second assault on the Alternative Company just to get the medical equipment and supplies needed to save her life. Jamil finally agrees to tell his bridge crew and two hired Gundam pilots the reason for his quest, that he was once a Gundam Pilot during the war and as a Newtype he was going to do whatever he could to prevent other Newtypes like Tiffa from being used just in the same manner that he was at her age. Not agreeing with the reasoning behind Jamil's motives, and feeling that the quest he is on is beyond them, Witz and Roybea state that they have fulfilled their contracts by completing and protecting the Freeden during and after the first raid. Leaving the ship with their Gundams, Jamil calls in a favor with three other Vulture captains that he has befriended and with the help of the mysterious Olba Frost, he plans another raid on the Alternative Company. As Garrod argues and tries to get permission to join the sortie to save Tiffa, the crew is betrayed.

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