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The World Tournament Begins is the tenth episode of Gundam Build Fighters .


The Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament begins. One by one, representatives from throughout the world enter the holy ground of Shizuoka. The day before the tournament begins, Reiji skips the reception party and heads into town in search of tasty food, and there he has a fateful encounter with a mysterious girl. On the first day of the tournament, the world's top players are proclaiming themselves victorious as usual...until Aila Jyrkiäinen, who became Finland's representative by defeating the previous World Tournament winner during the qualifiers, makes her entrance and shows the world her overwhelming strength. Then Sei's and Reiji's battle begins. Their Star Build Strike, a new Gunpla created for the world championship and equipped with revolutionary new systems, finally flies into the world!


Greco Logan calls Ricardo Fellini about the defeat of the world tournament champion,  Around the world, other fighters such as Mao, Thailand champion Luang Dallara and the Renato brothers react differently to the stunning defeat of 6th GBWC Champion Carlos Kaiser, not just by anyone but by a mysterious young girl, Aila Jyrkiäinen . No one, not even PPSE, can find out any information on her.   

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