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Kamille keeps shooting down as much of the enemy's forces as he can, destroying their ballute capsules and watching as they are enveloped in a ball of fire. He is visibly stressed, however, deeming such one-sided combat as unfair.

Meanwhile, imprisoned in Jaburo, along with Kai Shiden, Reccoa regrets having failed to make contact with her AEUG companions. Kai is determined to escape, afraid that the AEUG themselves could easily destroy the building they're in by accident.

A large-scale combat is taking place at Jaburo's door. Kamille keeps going forward, blazing through all incoming assaults, blaming them for forcing him to kill them. The horrors of war loom in, as Kamille finds himself facing the overall destruction of allies and foes, and the death of innocent animals nearby.

Kamille escapes Jerid's Marasai once again. He and Quattro finally penetrates Jaburo, along with their main forces, but Quattro notices that their retaliation is nothing close of what they would expect from such an important military point: the base seems almost abandoned. Jerid also reaches Jaburo, and is surprised to discover that they're all in the midst of moving out of Jaburo with the help of Garuda-class transport planes.

Quattro is sure that they have walked into some kind of trap, but since they never got word of Reccoa, who came before them, they can't be sure of what's truly happening at the base.They leave Jaburo's Area One and reach Area Two, where Kamille has a vision of Reccoa and Kai. They are attacked by Jerid: he fights Quatro's Hyaku Shiki, and is left surprised by the man's piloting skills.

Meanwhile, Apolly and his men are interrogating Jaburo's prisoners when of them, Lieutenant Commander Jiddely, tells them that a nuke is about to explode beneath Jaburo and that they have almost no time and it cannot be disarmed. Blinded by revenge, Jerid refuses to conced and keep chasing Kamille through Jaburo's caves. He only stops when his Marasai is finally destroyed, but Jerid is able to eject the exploding mobile-suit in time. As he runs, he spots several wounded attempting to start a car and helps them out.

Kamille resumes his search for Reccoa. Quattro, being informed of the situation with the nukes, seizes two Garuda ships and orders the immediate evacuation of the base. It seems that are no civilians, so the whereabouts of Bright Noa's wife, and children are still unknown. Kamille ignores the evacuation order and Quattro, assuming that Kamille is still looking for Reccoa, goes back to Jaburo, as the AEUG forces are loading the Garuda with their men and all the prisoners that they can, but they all now that there isn't enough room for everyone.

Kamille finally locates Reccoa, rescuing her along with Kai from their prison cell. Quattro arrives, and the four of them leave Jaburo. Jerid, meanwhile, fights through a crowd of desperate Federation personnel at the hangar and narrowly manages to board the last of the shuttles with the help of a mysterious woman.

Enemy Hizacks in hiding give chase to both Garuda ships, deeming Jellidy's warnings of the nukes as mere bluffs, but Reccoa, Kai, Kamille, and Quattro escape, moments before the Earth's Federation base and the Hizacks get completely obliterated by the nuclear blast.

After the Jaburo explosion, an allied ship, the XB-70 Valkyrie, approaches the Garuda. The pilot identifies himself as Hayato Kobayashi, of Karaba.

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  • Script: Yasushi Hirano & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Toshifumi Kawase
  • Animation Director: Toshimitsu Kobayashi

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