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The Archangel, without Cagalli and Ledonir on board, leaves Orb territory for Alaska. The Zala Team, who is patiently waiting, engages them in a battle. Kira grounds the Duel, Buster, and Blitz with the help of Mu and Tolle, who is now the second Skygrasper pilot. As Kira and Athrun fight, Nicol intervenes, but he steps into Kira's fatal attack.

Notes & Trivia

HD Remaster Changes

  • Nicol's death was changed into an accident - instead of Kira swinging the Schwert Gewhir at the Blitz, the black-colored Gundam ran into the blade while charging to the Strike.
  • When the battle of Strike against the four stolen machines, the background music Strike Shutsugeki plays just like the Special Edition. For original, it plays Meteor instead.
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