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The Star of Zeon - Mobile Suit in Action (ZIONの星 MOBILE SUIT in ACTION) is a photonovel written by Masaru Kamada and illustrated by Kenichi Nomoto, published in Hobby Japan between August 1986 and September 1987.


Color photo story that consists of 2-4 pages each article and photo diorama of Sample images of black and white. Scene 1~4 takes place during the timeframe of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and follows the Earth Federation Special Forces Team "Dragoon 13", which is composed of  captured former Zeon pilots. Expand a story describing the activities of. Final-stage transfer the 5th year of war, after "Doragun 13" story describing the activities of MS Deploy Zeon pilot with a focus on affiliation and Lt. Col. Hannibal. Until the 1st-4th "DRAGOON13" from the 5th and later came with a subtitle that was removed.


  • Episode.1 Dragoon 0086
  • Episode.2 Monoeye Hannibal
  • Episode.3 Karaba's Warrior
  • Episode.4 Zeon's Revival
  • Episode.5
  • Episode.6
  • Episode.7
  • Episode.8
  • Final Episode


  • Russ Hannibal
  • Romeo Deguna
  • McMahon
  • Clay Man Abarth

Mobile Suits

Principality of Zeon

Mobile Weapons


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