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Most of the Zanscare forces are being disarmed by the Federation due to the ceasefire but a dissident Zanscare group led by Lieutenant Aegis Walker attacks the League Militaire in Uso's homeplace Kassarelia but are killed by the V2. The League Militaire bury their bodies and plant crosses with the soldiers' names on them.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Episodes

The White Mobile Suit | The Meeting with the Machine That Day | Uso's Fight | Who We Are Fighting For | Godzorla's Counterattack | A Fighter's Radiance | Sound of the Guillotine | Fierce Fight! Attacking in Waves | Setting Off | Behold! The Shrike Team | The Shrike Team's Bulwark | Let's Get Rid of the Guillotine | Gibraltar Airspace | Offense and Defense at Gibraltar | Space Dust | Reinforce Surfaces | The Empire's Queen | Battle of the Space Fleets | Locate Shakti | The Eve Before Decisive Battle | Strike the Decisive Satellite | The Space Tiger | Infiltrate Zanscare | Offense and Defense at the Capital | To the Enemy Fleet and Land | Maria and Uso | The Flash that Runs Through Space | The Great Escape | The New Mobile Suit V2 | Mother's Gundam | Motorad Takeoff | Pressing Doggorla | People Who Dwell in the Sea | Operation Giant Roller | Mother or Shakti? | Mother Returns to the Earth | Counterattack of the Twinrad | The North Sea Begins Burning | The Song of the Wings of Light | Under the Super Aerial Attack | The Battlefield Created by Father | Fresh Blood Swirls in the Light | The Battlefield Comet Fuala | Love is at the End of the Light | Uso Dances with Illusions | Tassile's Revolt | Women's Battlefield | Vanquished Life, Blooming Life | Above the Angel's Ring | The Battle Called Upon by Hate... further results
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