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The Savior, Gundam is the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


AG 115: Orphaned by the Unknown Enemy assault on his home colony Orvan, Flit is raised on the Federation military's Arinston Base on Nora. Believing that the day will come when humanity can turn the tide against the UE, he uses plans found in the AGE Device left to him by his mother to develop mankind's savior--the mobile suit "Gundam". Then, Nora is attacked by a new type of UE mobile suit. Flit pilots the Gundam he built to defend the people of Nora![1]


In AG 108, Amidst the destruction caused by the Unknown Enemy, Flit Asuno runs through his ruined colony to find his mom trapped under rubble, nearing death, she hands him a strange device, telling him it contains something he has to do in the future, she tells him to go and entrusts his fate to "The Gundam" and he stumbles upon an enemy mobile suit.

Now a teenager living on the Nora space colony, Flit wakes from the dream remembering thei incident with the AGE device his mom gave him. As he gets ready for school, his Haro alerts him. As Flit has a piece of toast in his mouth, he overhears a news report on the television reporting an attack on a Colony Express cargo ship by unknown persons, 20 crew members were reported missing, Earth Federation Forces believe it to be the Unknown Enemy it has been 14 years since "The Day the Angel Fell" which was their first attack on the Earth Sphere. Flit's friend, Emily Amonde, then knocks on his door and they leave with Haro following them for school.

On their way, they pass Federation personel, Hendrick Bruzar and Millais Alloy who mentions they are to start mobility tests in the afternoon, as he continues on his journey, Mr. Bruzar says that he is a normal kid yet (Millais finishes his sentence) they are all astonished by his genius. Emily asks Flit about the mobility tests, he replies that soon the Gundam will be able to stand on its own. They suddenly run into a Maintenance/Repair Pod piloted by Vargas Dyson, Emily's grandpa. Flit notices that it has the Gundam's right arm attached to it and asks why he didn't ask him for it. Flit humorously scolds the old man for his irresponsibility.

As soon as the pair are on the train, Emily says to Flit that he is deadly serious when it comes to the Gundam, Flit mentions that it is special to him and flashes back to a butler presenting him with a painting of a Gundam, a legendary warrior passed down through generations of the Asuno family. Flit vows to create the legendary savior, Gundam.


  • The cold open on the English dub is still in Japanese.