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Judau is revered by the Light tribe as their messiah, but his refusal to their leader Sarasa soon has him on the run. In order to change her sister's mind, Rasara and Judau try to get the old mobile suit Cattle operational. That's when Glemy attacks in the new mobile suit Bawoo.


Thinking that she is hypnotised Judau slaps Sarasa so she decides that Judau isn't the messiah and a fight breaks out. While the others successfully flee the temple Emaly falls and Bright stays with her. Rasara reveals to Judau and company that she isn't the same person as Sarasa but rather her younger sister. They ambush some Followers in a narrow corridor and free Bright, Emaly and Roux. Planning to take control of Moon-Moon without a fight Gottn pretends to be a Follower. The Argama's crew split up and Rasara decides that they will reactivate Cattle, a mobile suit left intact after the Followers had turned their backs on machines a long time ago. In space Glemy Toto is having trouble finding either the Argama or Endra but having not detected any signs of life on it he heads for the Moon-Moon colony. Fighting breaks out and having rescued the ZZ from dismantling Judau pilots it and destroys a mobile suit from the Endra. Mondo is finally able to get Cattle working. Glemy heads out in a mobile suit called the AMX-107 Bawoo to rescue Leina in order to stay in Roux's good books. Judau runs into him which twarts his plan and in case another Neo Zeon battleship arrives the crew of the Argama leave.

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