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Losing their bearings in a debris cluster, the Argama docks at Moon-Moon, an old colony which has been forgotten by everyone. However, there the Argama is attacked by the mysterious Light tribe Taken captive, Judau seeks help from a beautiful girl named Rasara Moon.


Late to his post Bright Noa is informed that the Argama has arrived where the first colonies were founded; due to navigational hazards the ship had no choice but to go there. A female voice broadcasting to the AEUG, Titans etc. introduces herself as a member of The Followers Of The Light and that they're welcome to their colony, Moon-Moon. According to the ship's archive the colony is run through theocracy. Upon being told by Emaly that supplies could be got there Bright decides to dock. Thinking that the ZZ is a giant out to wreck Moon-Moon the Followers decide to destroy it. Elle decides that her and Judau will just disassemble it instead. Chara and Judau fight resulting in Chara's R-Jarja being destroyed. The Followers bow down to Judau calling him their messiah.

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