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The Neo Zeon cruiser Endra docks at Shangri-La. Hoping to avoid conflict, Bright has the Argama retreat into the colony's interior. Just then, Judau successfully boards the Argama, hoping to take the Zeta Gundam for himself.


The mysterious suitcase from space lands in Side 1 and the executives in charge the facilities open it up, discovering it's a payment to allow and Axis cruiser to land in their spaceport. The executives decide to allow the Axis to land despite the port also being host to the Axis's rivals, the Argama.

In the port,the Argama's Captain Bright Noa is warned about the Axis ship by one of the executives, a Chimatter warns about the potential conflict and advises the Argama to avoid contact with the Axis cruiser by taking the Argama through one of the space colony's maintenance tunnels.

Meanwhile, Judau Ashta's crew of misfits and his annoying little sister Leina Ashta start another foolhardy attempt to steal the broken Zeta Gundam. While they argue, they witness the Agrama in transit and give chase with Judau using his Petite Mobile Suit. He sneaks aboard and is given free reign of the ship since he reminds Bright of how both Amuro Ray and Kamille Bidan were at the start of their respective adventures. While Judau greets Shinta and Qum, the Argama comes under assault from a mobile suit piloted by the captain of the Axis cruiser, Mashymre Cello in his own foolish plan to capture Zeta for his beloved Haman Karn,

Judau harms Mashymre's Gallus-J, providing Fa Yuiry the opportunity to launch in the Methuss. Then living up to Bright's expectations, Judau boards the Zeta and engages in a duel with Mashymre. Despite a comical lack of skill, Judau stumbles into beheading Mashymre's Gallus and wins the battle.

The Zeta is returned to the Argama but Judau, who bids the crew farewell and explains that he still intends to steal the Zeta Gundam and sell it for profit. After he's off the deck, the Argama lets itself be covered in refuse to conceal it's location, but Judau knows where it's hidden.


  • The suitcase which opens to shine a golden light briefly resembles the suitcase used as a plot device in the movie Pulp Fiction.