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Amuro tries to check how things are going with Kamille but he's still sulking in his bedroom. Beltorchika, sensing that Amuro is creating a distance between them as he grows more and more accustomed with fighting, tries to talk things out with him, but to no avail. Amuro wonders if going to space will influence him in a positive way too.

Things aren't looking good at the Sudori, as Ben Wooder is informed that they have only five mobile-suits remaining. Four appears and Wooder tries to blackmail her into fighting, telling her that if they fail to bring down the Audhumla, the Newtype Research Laboratory will be closed, and her memories will be lost forever.

Hayato and Amuro are analyzing a block plan of the Titan's New Guinea base that they've received from Luio & Co. It's still under construction, so Hayato is confident that they can take them on alone. To their surprise about their new route, they receive a message from the Argama: the ship will wait for 24 hours in the Earth's orbit, but Hayato knows that they won't reach New Guinea in time.

The enemy craft approaches and the final battle against the Sudori crew begins. Amuro takes off first and battles the Psycho Gundam before Kamille arrives in the Mk-II to provide backup. They quickly finish off the Hizack unit, while Four is temporarily incapacitated by her migraine and leaves the battle line. The Argama approaches the Earth's orbit.

Back at the Sudori, Namicar Cornell insists that Four should keep on fighting and assures her that she will provide her memories back if she completes her mission. She takes off once again as Wooder, aware of their situation now that they have lost their entire mobile-suit units (sans the Psycho Gundam), declares to the Sudori crew that their last resort is a suicide attack with the ship itself. Namicar and most of the other crew members abandon the ship, except Wooder and a few soldiers from the Earth Federation that valiantly volunteer to stay.

Beltorchika argues with Kamille once again about Amuro but he quickly dismisses her. The Mk-II launches just in time to intercept the Psycho Gundam. Amuro, meanwhile, realizes Wooder's plans and returns to protect the Audhumla, leaving Kamille to handle Four alone. He manages to convince Four to open the Psycho Gundam's cockpit, and Kamille heartfully opens himself to her, telling Four about his life and crying in her lap as Four quietly listens and learns more about him. She points her gun at him, though, and begs him to return to the Mk-II, saying that they should return to the places that they belong.

Amuro is trying his best to halt the Sudori's movement when Four suddenly rams the Psyco Gundam into Wooder's plane and tries to secure Kamille a shuttle booster so that he can get back up into space, where the Argama is now waiting in low-Earth orbit. Four is shot in the shoulder for her efforts by Wooder, who is finally killed when Amuro smashes the machine gun turret he's in with the gun barrel of his Rick Dias.

The Argama successfully retrieves the Mk-II from the shuttle booster, and the crew welcomes Kamille once again. He wonders where Fa Yuiry is, and is told by Bright that she has gone to Granada, along with Quattro and Katz.

Important Events


  • Script: Akinori Endo
  • Unit Director: Osamu Sekita
  • Animation Director: Toshimitsu Kobayashi

Notes & Trivia

  • The song Gin'iro Doresu plays while Four is shot down during Kamille's escape back into space.