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Four receives a pep-talk from Namicar Cornell and then launches in the Psyco Gundam to attack the Audhumla. Kamille launches in the Mk-II and is able to get Four to stand down long enough to be granted access to her cockpit, where he proceeds to tell her his life story. When he says that he doesn't hate his name anymore, Four pulls a gun on him and tells him to get lost. Four rams the Psyco Gundam into Ben Wooder's plane and secures Kamille a rocket booster so that he can get back up into space, where the Argama is waiting in low-Earth orbit. Four is shot in the shoulder for her efforts by Ben Wooder, who then proceeds to set his plane on a kamikaze course towards the Audhumla. He takes a machine gun turret and then dies when it's smashed in by the gun barrel of Amuro's Rick Dias. Kamille makes it back into space, unsure of the final fate of Four Murasame, and wonders where Fa is. It turns out she has gone to pick up some new MS's with Apolly.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The song Gin'iro Doresu plays while Four is shot down during Kamille's escape back into space.
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