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"The Gundam" (ザ・ガンダム Za Gandamu?) is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ⇀EXA-LOG↽ and Gundam EXA VS.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A reconstruction of the legendary mobile suit known only as "The Gundam", which appeared in legends from the time of the Silver Chalice Treaty as the "savior that ended the war". It was created through the joint efforts of the Gundam Memorial Museum's researchers and researchers in the field of mobile suit archeology.

Related historical data obtained from the Asuno, the famed Mobile Suit Builders family, and recordings made by the late Flit Asuno were critical in the reconstruction. The researchers also gained access to the EXA-DB in the Vagan's possession to replicate the technologies used in building the original legendary mobile suit.

The AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal was used as a reference to fill in the missing gaps. This was because the AGE-1 Normal was the first mobile suit built by the AGE System, a creation of the Asuno family that contain mobile suit data from around the time of the Silver Chalice Treaty, and thus thought to be the most heavily influenced by the legendary mobile suit. As a result, the reconstructed "The Gundam" have many similarities to AGE-1 Normal.


  • Excalibur
Although there is little information about its original weapons, the tentatively-named "Excalibur" is based on a painting in the Asuno house depicting the Gundam with a sword.


The Gundam (reconstruction) was built as part of the commemoration of the end of the Vagan War (also known as the One Hundred Years War) and was celebrated upon its completion.


Notes & Trivia


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