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The Glitter of Despair is the forty-eighth episode of Three Generation Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


In order to destroy the Gundams and Diva, Zeheart orders La Gramis to link up with Second Moon, so as to fire the Digmazenon cannon again, despite the fact that there are Vagan forces in the line of fire. To ensure that the Gundams will not escape, Zeheart has Fram and Leil hold them there, essentially sacrificing them as well. However, thanks to Flit's plan of evacuating the Diva's crew to the Baronche and Obright defeating Leil and Fram (although he was killed due to the wounds he received in the process), the damage is minimized and the three Gundams succeed in escaping. Seeing that his plan failed, Zeheart heads out with Gundam Legilis to destroy the Gundams and is intercepted by Asemu in his Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound. During their fight, Asemu succeeds in delivering critical damage to the Gundam Legilis, resulting in the suit's destruction and Zeheart's death.

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