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Lieutenant Yazan is complaining with the engineers at the Alexandria about the blind spot beneath the Gaplant. They assure him that the problem will soon be corrected, as Jamaican Daninghan arrives at the scene and has an argument with him, as the arrogant Lieutenant is acting as if the crew is about to go into battle, even though the Alexandria is supposed to return to Gryps for supplies.

Jamaican concedes, giving Yazan and his squad permission to proceed however they want. Now free to put his true plans into motion, Yazan approaches one of his subordinates, Chief Petty Officer Adol, and instructs him to fight the enemy's mobile suits away from the Argama, bringing them as close as possible to the Alexandria itself as they do battle. He wants to bring Jamaican close to the heart of the combat, in order to teach him the fears of fighting a battle.

Captain Henken and Emma are talking at the Radish about the G-Defenser, now fully operational and ready to be used in real combat. He awkwardly asks her to join him for a cup of tea, but is instantly turned down. At the Argama, Bright continues to analyse the Dogosse Gier's course as they try to catch up with Scirocco's ship: Bright correctly deduces that Scirocco's duties seem to differ from the rest of the Titan's fleet.

Yazan's unit arrives and Emma launches in the Mk-II to sortie with them. Katz takes off in the G-Defenser without orders, but Henken decides to let him go anyway. They all start a skirmish near the ruins of a derelict Gwazine-type Zeon flagship. Yazan proves to be too much for them to handle, however, and Kamille, at the Argama, senses that Emma's life is in danger; Bright gives him permission to launch.

After Katz brings the G-Defenser to the Mk-II, he tries to escape in the G-Defenser's Core Fighter, but is ambushed and chased around by Adon. Katz manages to at least destroy the head module of the enemy's Hizack, but the Core Fighter ends up damaged too and both pilots are forced to land at the abandoned Zeon battleship, escaping on foot from their respective machines. Emma notices the empty Core Fighter and decides to leave the Mk-II in search of Katz.

Meanwhile, Yazan's skills surprise even Kamille, as his Gaplant is unexpectedly giving the Zeta Gundam a rough time. Back at the Alexandria, after being informed that the Radish is leaving the battle zone, Jamaican orders his men to open fire, knowing full well that Yazan and his team will also end up as targets out there. Henken orders the ship's navigators to use the Gwazine as a shield for the Radish.

Inside the ruins of the Gwazine, Adon is holding both Katz and Emma at gunpoint, but is inadvertently killed by a stray blast from one of the Alexandria's cannons. Nearby, Kamille and Yazan are locked in a mêlée struggle with their beam blades, after both men run out of energy for their projectile weapons. Thankfully, Katz manages to hotwire an old Gelgoog and assist Kamille in staving off Yazan.

Furious, Yazan leads the Zeta Gundam and Emma's Mk-II back to the Alexandria. Standing dangerously close to the ship's bridge, where Jamaican is running his mouth off, tired of Yazan's unruly nature, he positions his Gaplant between the bridge and the G-Defenser's main cannon: when Emma fires, Yazan dodges at the last second, causing the Alexandria to be hit, and blowing Jamaican to smithereens in the process.

At the Argama, Bright faces an analytical diagram the computer of the ship came up with as they keep chasing the Dogosse Gier. Looking at the data, Bright states that A Baoa Qu is now under the control of Gryps, and reminisces about rumors of former members of the Principality of Zeon joining forces with the Titans to build a space fortress. 

Kamille, meanwhile, is at the Radish, being once again thanked by Captain Henken, who informs him that Lieutenant Quattro is returning from Earth soon. In silent respect, they all watch the final moments of the Gwazine, as it goes down in an enormous explosion.

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  • Script: Akinori Endo
  • Unit Director: Takao Motohashi
  • Animation Director: Hiroyuki Kitazume