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Stopped by Tiffa from turning himself into a human bomb, Katokk is placed in a room on the Freeden under armed guard and interrogated by Jamil Neate as to the location of the island base of the New united Nations Earth. But the questions change as they two start to talk about the war, and how the soldiers in the regular army called Jamil "Hero". While on patrol, Witz and Garrod find Ennil in the remains of her mobile armor, bringing both her and the black box to the Freeden for questioning and finding out the location of the base Zonda Epta. Using an explosive device hidden in his candy, Katokk escapes from his holding cell and dis-arms his guards, using their weapons to capture the bridge of the Freeden as it enters Zonda Epta's waters. Holding Jamil at gun point, he tells him the reason why he hates him and Newtypes as well as what is on the island.

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