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Scirocco gives Jerid two subordinates to command: Sarah Zabiarov , and a somewhat masculine-looking girl named Siddeley. He is rather harsh toward them but gets them to participate in a sortie against the Argama. Siddeley suggests calling on the Dogosse Giar for backup but is overruled. Jerid tells the girls to co-ordinate their movements, but Sarah, who's grown resentful of him, disregards this advice. The small team enters into battle unaided and Siddeley is killed. During this time, Reccoa Londe and another AEUG member are attempting to transfer two new MS's to the Argama and are able to give Kamille and Fa an assist, saving Kamille from yet another almost-death-by-Jerid.

Back on the Dogosse Gier, Jerid is smarting from the loss of Siddeley while Mouar attempts to console him. Sarah also expresses her remorse, while Scirocco seems surprisingly laid-back about the whole situation. Over on the Argama, Reccoa delivers the Methuss - as well as a small present for Emma, from Henken.

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