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Jerid returns to the Dogosse Gier's bridge, prepared to be reprimanded by Scirocco for losing his Gabthley. He is surprised, though, when Scirocco actually appoints him leader of a battle squadron with two subordinates to command: Sarah Zabiarov, and a somewhat masculine-looking girl named Siddeley. Watching them closely, Mouar Pharaoh assumes that Scirocco is trying to bring Jerid under his wing.

At the Argama, Kamille is inspecting the Zeta Gundam when Fa appears. They have a long argument about Fa's sudden interest in becoming a pilot, and she tells him that it is a necessity, as the AEUG can't rely on Kamille all the time. Bright and Emma talk about Kamille's lack of focus since he came back from Earth, something that, deep down, is what actually is troubling Fa.

Meanwhile, Reccoa Londe launches in a new mobile suit from the Radish, an AEUG ship being captained by Henken. She is tasked with bringing this new mobile suit, the Methuss, along with an upgrade module to the Mk-II, the G-Defenser, back to the Argama.

Jerid ​​​​​​is rather harsh towards Sarah and Siddeley, but gets them to participate in a sortie against the Argama. They end up crossing paths, however, with Reccoa and Mario, who are on their way towards the Argama with the Methuss and the G-Defender. Siddeley suggests calling on the Dogosse Giar for backup but is overruled by Jerid. Bright sends Kamille and Emma as reinforcements; Fa follows them in Apolly's Rick Dias, disregarding direct orders to stay at the ship.

At the Dogosse Gier, Mouar pleads with Scirocco for permission to assist Jerid, but he refuses, deciding instead to just watch how Jerid handles the situation. Jerid tells the girls to co-ordinate their movements, but Sarah, who's grown resentful of him, disregards this advice. Their small team enters into battle unaided and Siddeley's Marasai is destroyed by Kamille, piloting the Zeta Gundam. Panicking, Sarah retreats without Jerid's orders, and he finally is also forced to back down.

Defeated and ashamed once again, Jerid receives sympathizing words from Mouar and Scirocco before leaving to get some rest. Afterwards, Scirocco talks with Sarah, who assures him that she will get used to battle if those are his orders.

The Methuss and the G-Defender are now safely aboard the Argama. Fa is reprimanded for her recklessness in combat. Reccoa then gives Emma a small gift from Henken.

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  • Script: Hiroshi Ohnogi & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Toshifumi Kawase
  • Animation Director: Akihiro Kanayama