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In the Titan's Alexandria, Jerid excitedly overlooks the adjustments being made to a Galbaldy β unit, which he plans to pilot in order to avenge Lila's death.

Back in the AEUG's Argama, Quattro and Emma visits Kamille in his room. He seems distressed, and Quattro suggests that his sulking has something to do with Lila. Quattro leaves, and Emma is left alone with Kamille, when she tells him that the Argama's crew has now fully accepted her as one of their own. She touches on the subject of Lila once again, and Kamille tries to avoid the conversation by leaving. Emma follows. In the way to the Mk-II, Emma mentions how she once met a young man on Cheyenne that, now she realizes, after coming to space and meeting Quattro (who is eavesdropping on the conversation), was in fact none other than the legendary Amuro Ray, tormented for not being able to return to outer space, and that's why she joined the Argama. Kamille asks if she's suggesting there's someone like Char Aznable on the ship, suddenly shocking Emma when he says that she has already met Char, not noticing himself what he just said.

Their conversation is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of pursuiters: Jerid receives orders from his superiors to scout and confirm where on the moon the Argama is heading, while Henken suggests that they move in such a way that it appears that the ship is heading for Granada, while in reality they plan to quickly change course to Amman. Kamille and Quattro launch in order to defend the Argama from a bloodthirsty Jerid in his new Galbaldy β mobile suit.

Facing the Galbaldy β alone, Kamille wonders if the pilot is Lila's subordinate, not noticing that Jerid is actually luring him away from the ship so that he can battle him alone. The two men finally face each other in single combat, with their emotions raging on while they argue about Lila. Jerid is astonished by Kamille's powers as a Newtype, but his lack of battle experience on a lunar enviroment allows Jerid to get the upperhand. Quattro prevents Jerid from landing the finishing blow, however, rescuing Kamille and forcing the Galbaldy β to retreat.

Back at the ship, Quattro and Kamille wonder about Jerid's grudge, before Quattro reprimands the boy for falling prey to such an obvious trap. Kamille shrughs off his warnings, however. The Alexandria, along with two other vessels, ports at Granada, while the Argama lands on Amman, where Quattro meets with Kignan, an old acquaintance from his Char Aznable days. Kignan tells him about a nuclear pulse on a certain asteroid belt, before confirming Quattro's suspicion that this is the work of the Axis, which began their journey to Earth some time ago. Quattro then talks about a man named Haman Karn, before Kignan tells him that Gryps has also started to move. The conversation ends when a message from Wong Lee arrives: he wants to meet Quattro the next day.

Back at the Alexandria, Jamaican Daninghan is outraged by the lack of supplies, convinced that Granada is deliberately refusing to properly supply the Titan's ship because of their secret support of the AEUG's activities. Jerid returns to the ship only to find out that he got suspended for his recklessness. He meets his friend Kacricon again, and is told by him that he got hold of some important data, and is on his way out on a mission. Meanwhile, Kamille and Emma approach, in their vehicle, a moutain of scraps made from the ruins of a colony, back from the days of the One Year War. Emma tells Kamille that, after witnessing for herself what happened at the remains of Colony 30, she can now understand better what is the true purpose of the Titans organization. Unbesknow to them, Kacricorn is listening on their conversation from a far.

Back at Amman, Quattro is having a secret meeting with Wong Lee, the financial supporter of the AEUG and owner of the mobile suit manufacturing company, Anaheim Electronics. Wong Lee is determined to launch an attack at the Earth Federation's stronghold on South America, Jaburo, but Quattro is reluctant, insisting that they should focus their power on the destruction of Gryps, aware of their lack of strength and, most of all, the pollution such a battle would cause to the Earth itself. Wong Lee refuses to budge, however, failing to understand just how autonomous Gryps truly is from the Earth Federation, blinded by polictical objectives. Karaba, the AEUG support forces on Earth, are supposed to help Quattro and the Argama crew go back to space after entering the planet's gravity well.

Kamille and Emma are then ambushed by Kacricon and an armed fight ensues. Kacricon still can't understand why Emma has joined forces with the AEUG. Kamille is indadvertedly saved by a Haro toy that was laying abandoned on the colony ruins, taking the little robot with them as he and Emma escape back to Amman.

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