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Damaged after its battle at Gryps 2, the Argama docks at Shangri-La colony at Side 1 for repairs. A local young junk dealer, Judau Ashta, rescues Titan pilot Yazan Gable by chance. At his instigation, Judau and his friends plot to steal the Zeta Gundam.


The Argama, captained by Bright Noa pulls into the space port at Side 1 for repairs however they have difficulty landing as the space port dispatcher claims that the port is at capacity.

While elsewhere, Judau Ashta and his recycling crew sort through space debris to find an escape pod containing the still living Yazan Gable. Yazan awakens and recruits Judau and his associates, Beecha Oleg, Iino Abbav, and Mondo Agake to sneak aboard the Argama.

After Judau briefly greets his sister while he retrives a change of clothing for Yazan, Yazan hijacks a fruit truck allowing his crew to sneak into the space port and kidnap Fa Yuiry, leaving behind Shinta and Qum, and a shellshocked Kamille Bidan. Shinta and Qum rush to tell the Argama about the interlopers.

Bright doesn't take the kid's warning seriously and is unprepared for Yazan's crew starting their makeshift assault on the Argama. Yazan using Judau's Petite Mobile Suit while the other four kids cover him by tossing stolen fruit. Haunted by visions of Kamille, Judua moves to hijack the Zeta Gundam. Upon entering the cockpit he has a change of heart when he witnesses Yazan kill Mr. Saegusa. Despite it's poor condition, Judau uses the Zeta to combat Yazan's Petite. The fight takes them across the colony to where Yazan switches to a more dangerous Middle Mobile Suit. At the last moment, Judau manages to launch a rocket leaving Yazan to be blasting off again.

Noa Bright arrives to reclaim the Zeta, but soon as Judau opens the cockpit, Beecha and friends trigger explosions allowing Judau to evade military imprisonment.

Meanwhile in space, there's a suitcase. But we don't know why yet.

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