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The Blue Team are a group of veteran ace pilots who appear in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


They are a group of ace pilots who live in Africa near the city of Galdai. They fight to protect it and to stop foreigners from taking it over. Their goal is to keep Africa free from everyone; the Earth Federation, Neo Zeon, AEUG etc. They fight fiercely for the city, readily willing to give up their lives to protect it. They fight using customized and enhanced old model Zeon suits such as the Desert Zaku and the Gelgoog. Although they're using models from the One Year War they're able to battle competently against more modern Mobile Suits due to a combination of pilot skill, teamwork, determination and adaptability to the hostile environment. This is demonstrated where two units easily hold off Judau Ashta and Elpeo Ple in the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

Actions in ZZ

They first appear in episode 30. They rescue an exhausted Glemy Toto from the desert after his Bawoo is shot down in the deserts of Africa. They initially use him to spy on Galdai but when Judau and Ple come looking for Roux Louka and the Blue Team engages them in battle, he decides to enter into an alliance with them. When Neo Zeon attack Galdai and start brutally massacring the civilians, despite being massively outgunned and outnumbered, Blue Team sends all they've got to defend the city. Glemy stops the Neo Zeon attack on the city and unites everyone to attack the Gundam team. The ill-fated Blue Team are all but wiped out in the ensuing battle.

Known Members

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