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The Adventures of Fumina and Gyanko is the third episode of Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue.


To defeat the evil Miyaga, Super Fumina and Hyper Gyanko must seek out its castle, relying on a Song Dynasty map. Passing through a dark forest, they come across Bearbear Village, where Petit'gguys live together in peace. But for some reason, when Fumina and Gyanko see them, the Petit'gguys panic and run away. Perplexed by the situation, the pair are then confronted by an openly hostile China'gguy.


Super Fumina and Hyper Gyanko, different in looks and personalities, are heroes who fight the evil Lord Mold Miyaga!

Given a map by the Prince M'Quve, the two girls make their way to what they think is Miyaga's castle, only to find Bear Bear Village, populated by Petit'gguys. They're annoyed, but squeal at their adorableness. The Petit'gguys panic and run off. To the girl's shock, Chinaguy, shows up ready to defend them. To Fumina and Gyanko's disappointment, Chinaguy has no idea who they are! After a bit of an introduction, they learn that the Beargguys that live in the village had been mysteriously kidnapped. Promising to find the Beargguys, Chinaguy tells Fumina and Gyanko where they were taken.

Arriving at the shores, the girls find the Beargguys, crucified on Gunpla frames. From the ocean, a mysterious foe rises. Fumina thinks its a Bug, but Gyanko realizes it isn't. Shooting it down, they find out what it is: the head of an Acguy. Gyanko explains that Beargguys are designed using Acguy parts, but since they're not needed in construction, they're discarded. Thus, these are the culminated rage and anger of the abandoned Acguys. More of the heads arrive and the girls decide to take things up a notch, shouting "HG Dual Trans-Am" becoming Command Fumina and Rick-Do Gyanko.

Despite their new forms, the Acguy heads overwhelm the girls, destroying Gyanko's weapons and Fumina's armor entirely. The heads soon combine, joining into a massive Acguy and begin pummeling the girls. A narrator worries for the girl's safety and their chances of survival until Chinaguy arrives with other Petit'gguys, all armed with Gunpla LED Lights. The narrator beckons kids watching to shine their own lights. Empowered by the lights, the girls realize that the Acguys seek to be true Gunpla and they promise to allow them to do that. Fully powered, the two girls unite and cry out "Gunpla Reincarnation!" summoning SD-237 Winning Gundam and Fumina transforming into Winning Fumina. Using the Falling Star Rainbow attack, the Acguy is surrounded by energy as Fumina tells them that they will be reborn, returning the Gunpla factory in Shizoka where they will be made into Eco-Pla and allowed to be made into real Gunpla.

With the Acguy defeated and the curse lifted, peace returned to Bear Bear Village, the Beargguys returned to the village and, as thanks, two statues of the heroines as Petit'gguys are built. However, they're still nowhere near where Miyaga is. When another mark appears, Fumina snarks that it's probably mineral resources for the Zeon forces. Gyanko thinks she's insulting M'Quve, but Fumina tries to respond that she respects him and thinks him equally awesome, especially for the fact that he survived the movies, which Gyanko thinks is still insulting him due to his less screen time.



Notes & Trivia

  • The entire episode as a large parody of the Pretty Cure franchise.
    • Super Fumina and Hyper Gyanko are parodies of Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black and Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White of the popular magical girl series Futari wa Pretty Cure and its sequel series Futari wa Pretty Cure MaX Heart.
      • A few key scenes from the opening to MaX Heart, including the famed "Precure Jump" is parodied when Fumina and Gyanko attempt to evade the Acguy heads.
    • The use of the Gunpla LED Lights to repower the heroines is a nod towards Miracle Lights, which are in a similar manner during the various Pretty Cure movies. This also includes the request for the kids at home to do the same.
  • The HG Dual Trans-Am is a nod to Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Trans-Am, specifically Tieria Erde's units that undergo a "transformation" by activating it.
  • The episode makes several real allusions to the Gunplas such as:
    • The spare Beargguy pieces, which are based on the HGUC-078 plamo, form the Acguy's head.
    • When Fumina defeats big Acguy she tells it that it will be material for Ecopla models. The Ecopla line in real life is made with surplus of the Gunpla production.
  • In this episode, the Gunpla are depicted as characters. This also indicates that the story is set in completely different universe from Build Fighters.


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