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As Garrod goes into space aboard the captured New UNE space warship, the S.R.A. crew is taken in by his kind nature and allow him to go onto the bridge to look out the view port at the stars for the first time. There he learns of the spacenoid belief in Newtypes being born and created in space just from people living in space colonies and not on the Earth. As Garrod waits for the ship to near the colonies, Triffa meets with the leader of the Space Revolutionary Army, Lord Seidel Rasso and is presented to him as a Newtype born on Earth. When the warship nears one of the colonies, Garrod is forsced to take the bridge crew hostage and escape in his Gundam in an attempt to get to the colony known as Cloud 9. Not use to piloting a mobile suit in space, he becomes an easy target for the SRA pilots training in the area and their ace from the war Lancerow Dawell.

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