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Teteth Halleh (テテス・ハレ) is a character that appears in Turn A Gundam.


A spy sent to Earth by Agrippa Maintainer. Teteth is a beautiful woman who isn't afraid to use her looks to her advantage. She insinuates herself into the Militia as part of a plan to assassinate Dianna Soreil. Agrippa has promised to elevate her family's social class if she carries out his directives.

Loran and Dianna initially encounter Teteth in the countryside, where she lives with Will Game. Teteth is insistent that Will cooperate with Dianna Counter instead of the Militia and that he will best be able to head to the Moon as he desires through Dianna Counter. This later results in Will's death in a mobile suit battle. Following his death, Teteth conspires with Bruno and Jacop to assassinate Dianna, which is unsuccessful. Teteth tries again herself to assassinate Dianna on her own but is unsuccessful due to Harry Ord. Teteth later appears one last time, working with Meme Midgard and attempts to steal the Turn A Gundam so as to hand it over to Dianna Counter. She fails once again however, and is shot in the head by Midgard, who does so to keep quiet his involvement.

A much later scene on the moon shows Teteth's mother, coming out of stasis unaged, wondering where she is.


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