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Tessa Tain is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


The leader of the National Liberation Front in a New United Nations Earth occupied area of the People's Republic of Estard, he tries to recruit Roybea Loy to join in their fight. When the Gundam pilot refuses, he tries to forcibly make the pilot join at gunpoint, only to be stopped by Yurina Sonohara. Finding out that the house is surrounded by New UNE soldiers, the group escapes out a back window, returning fire at the soldiers as they attack.


Tessa Tain charging New UNE soldiers.

Holding off the soldiers as they are caught in a firefight with the New UNE forces, Tessa tells Roybea to return to the Freeden as the man starts to grieve the death of Yurina. Hiding a live grenade in his coat he charges the New UNE soldiers to distract them and make an opening for Roybea to escape. The New UNE soldiers gun the man down as he runs towards them, but not before the grenade explodes and allows for Roybea to escape unharmed.


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