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Terror! The Phantom Fighter Appears is the tenth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Domon and Rain travel to Neo Egypt in order to face off against the Pharaoh Gundam XIII there. Upon arriving, they find out the Gundam and its crew have been destroyed by a "ghost". They run into Sai Saici while he is battling this apparition, the Pharaoh Gundam IV. Sai Saici barely escapes because this Gundam uses sandstorms to hide itself and attack. The group learns that this Gundam and its pilot, Dahal Muhammad, were taken over by DG Cells because of the pilot's strong desire to defeat Sai Saici after Sai Saici's grandfather defeated him in the 4th Gundam Fight tournament, where he was accidentally killed. Thanks to the DG Cells, the Pharaoh Gundam IV is able to self-recover, and this time Domon uses his Shining Gundam's Super Mode to defeat it.



  • TV Asahi: 1994-06-24
  • Cartoon Network (Toonami): 2002-08-20
  • GundamInfo: 2021-12-03 [1]

Important Events

Featured Gundam Fights

Dragon Gundam vs. Pharaoh Gundam IV (first try)

  • Winner: Dragon Gundam

Feilong Gundam (mentioned) vs. Pharaoh Gundam IV

  • Winner: Feilong Gundam

Dragon Gundam vs. Pharaoh Gundam IV (second try)

  • Winner: Draw

Shining Gundam vs. Pharaoh Gundam IV

  • Winner: Shining Gundam


  • The first G Gundam episode to mark the DG Cell infected fighter.