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Tenma Taitei is a being of high power, appearing in Musha Senki Hakari no Hengen Hen.


Tenma Taitei is a powerful giant who exists on another plane of existence. Amongst other abilities, he is capable of creating life and crushing planets in his palm. For many decades, Taitei took an interest in conquering the country of Ark. He influenced the affairs of this country by creating lesser but still powerful creatures, such as the Dark Emperor.

After several of these attempts ultimately failed, the Tenma Army attempted to bring him into their reality. The attempt failed but Musha Wing Zero and First Gundam Daishogun were transported to Taitei's reality, where he revealed his ambitions and his long history with the Musha Gundams. Taitei held a clear advantage, given his titanic size, immense power and ability to revive all his past creations. However, the two Musha Gundams were spurred on by past Gundam Daishoguns who shared their power to enable the pair to equal Taitei in size. After an intense battle, he was destroyed by the two heroes.


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