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Tenchū (天柱 lit. Heaven Pillar) is the orbital elevator controlled by the Human Reform League, it appeared in the Anno Domini timeline.


Tenchū is the orbital elevator controlled by the Human Reform League, it is situated on an artificial island near the real-life nation of Nauru, north of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It was the second of the elevators to become operational, completed in 2297.


Assumning that all the Orbital Elevators are created the same we can conclude the several aspects of the construction via instances within the Series that refer to the HRL controlled Orbital Elevator 'Tenchu'

  • Orbiting Satellite Station - Built into the Orbital elevator probably headquarters for military operations for defensive purposes and general maintenance.
  • Low Orbit Station (True Pillar) - Built into the Orbital elevator used for commercial, possibly residential and vocational purposes. Stopping station for civilian linear trains. Includes gravity blocks.
  • High Orbit Station - Built into the Orbital elevator used for military purposes, probably used as military personnel station and MS hangars.There is also a control room to let the soldiers and the commanders to watch te space operations.


The Gundam Meisters were given a mission to protect Tenchu from being attacked by terrorists. The terrorist were able to enter the protective shield of the array to attack the High Orbital Station. The Terrorist units Hellions were able to evade the HRL launched Tieren and fired off 3 missiles at the Elevator. With no chance of interception, the situation seemed dire, before Kyrios swoops in and destroys the missiles. Proceeding to destroy all terrorist units, Kyrios was unable to destroy one unit, which was on a suicide mission towards the tower. Before it reached the tower, GN-005 Gundam Virtue, piloted by Tieria Erde, obliterated the unit with its GN Bazooka.

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