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This template is used to add furigana e.g. phonetic kana above kanji, or other characters from various languages, to aid readers by clarifying rare, non-standard or ambiguous characters.[1]



Results in (きょく)(しん)(おう)ロキ

Other languages

When using non-Japanese text, the language must be specified using an IETF language tag (commonly-used ones are "en" for English, "ko" for Korean, and "zh" for Chinese) via the "lang" parameter:

{{Ruby|BF|블랙페더|lang=ko}}-탱구바람 히렌

Results in BF(블랙페더)-탱구바람 히렌 (compare with how it looks without the "lang" parameter: BF(블랙페더)-탱구바람 히렌)

Additional information

Ruby markup is styled with CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css allowing it to appear properly in Mozilla Firefox, which doesn't natively support the markup.


  1. Mandelin, C. (2014, March 11). This Is Why Japanese Games Have Small Text on Top of Normal Text. Legends of Localization. Retrieved on 2018-08-28.

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