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The following fields can use commas to select either of the inputs in the query:

captain, pilot, user, series, manufacturer, operator

These input a character's name:

captain, pilot

This is the type of mobile weapon:

Note: The following are acceptable input by themselves: Suit, Armor, Weapon, Ship, Vehicle, Fighter, Doll, Worker, Bit, Pod, Man-Machine
The following are acceptable grouped inputs (These groups are defined in the [[Template:user/query]] and as a a [ Concept]): '''Suit, Armor, Weapon''' OR '''Ship, Vehicle'''

These input a faction's name:

manufacturer, operator

This is for inputing a series name:


Here are some examples:
{{CustomTree|operator=Earth Federation (Advanced Generation)|type=Suit, Armor, Weapon|series=Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ⇀EXA-LOG↽}}

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