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Ted Morugaton (テッド・モルガトン?) is a fictional character that appears in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Gekko. He was the head of Tanto Tempo, and was alternatively known as 'Daddy Ted'.


Inside his mansion on the Avalanche colony, Ted was initially negotiating with Volco Warren about the Gundam frame he owns. Later on, Ted is confronted by his would-be assassin Argi Mirage, as part of a contract killing. Before Argi had the chance to pull the trigger however, both were interrupted by the sudden appearance and assault by a third party assassin, piloting an Triaina. Ted is wounded in the attack, and tells Argi to kill him. Argi hesitates, and instead mentions about having a mobile worker, implying he'd rather fight. Ted then tells Volco to lead Argi into piloting 'that', which is revealed to be the Gundam Astaroth. Shortly after Argi defeats the Triaina, Ted signals Volco to protect his daughter Liarina, before finally succumbing to his wounds.