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Taxi Bike is a rental motorcycle featured in Season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The bike is driven by Setsuna F. Seiei.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

When Setsuna can't use Exia to complete a mission, he would use the Taxi Bike. The Taxi Bike has a conservative build - with only two wheels, a metal body, and a driver seat. It's also completely unarmed, leaving Setsuna to use his own weapon(s) for defense. The Taxi Bike is stored in Exia's foot anchor when it is not used.


The Taxi Bike is shown only once in use when Setsuna was tasked to chase after the terrorist organization La Edenra in Scotland. Setsuna picks up a terrorist bombing and heads into the city with a rental taxi to find the suspect. Setsuna chases the getaway car on a highway and shoots at the terrorists, but they manage to escape in their bulletproof car when Setsuna stops to line up a shot. A Scotland police officer pulls up and asks what Setsuna's doing. Marina Ismail's limo pulls up, and Marina's bodyguard tells the officer that Setsuna is with them. Setsuna then used his Taxi Bike and return to Exia when he was given order to a TGT Trootship in the South Pacific Ocean.

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