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Tatsu Shimano (タツ・シマノ?) is a fictional character who appears in Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G. He piloted his modified GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000.

Personality & Character

A gunpla builder and guitarist, Tatsu seems to have a split personality. In the real world, he is calm, softspoken, and humble. However, when he enters a Gunpla Battle, his personality becomes bloodthirsty and sadistic, only seeking victory. He is Haru's second opponent. He pilots the GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000.

Skills & Capabilities


Tatsu was first seen buying some Gunpla in the Axis Hobby Shop. As the Manager requested him to challenge Haru and Kenta, Tatsu accepted the request, and launched his GPB-06F Super Zaku Custom F2000. After his deployment, Tatsu bombards the two with heavy fire, and manages chop off the legs of Kenta's Hyaku Shiki colorfully called the Byaku Shiki. In the real world, both Boris and the manager are observing the battle with great interest. During the battle, Haru notices that Tatsu's fast movements are causing the armor to crack on the Zaku. Kenta then fires the Hyaku Shiki's clay bazooka at the Zaku, resulting in its resin armor breaking off. Haru takes the opportunity and charges at Tatsu, winning the match. Part B: Forever Gundam

He later appears as one of the contestants in the Gunpla Battle Championship, destroying the Gundam GP03 after it's fight with a Zaku II. Part C: Beginning 30



  • Tatsu's character may have been based on another Gundam character: Duett Langraph. They both have a calm personality when not fighting, but when in battle they have a sadistic alter ego that emerges. The two characters also use the same combat tactic, luring enemies upclose then finishing them off with an unorthodox melee weapon.
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