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Tateo Sazaki is a character that appears in the Gundam Build Fighters Try television series and the Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars television special.

Personality & Character

Tateo is similar in his personality to his older brother and sister. After winning the Meijin Junior Cup, which he was confident that he would win, he complimented Mamoru Izuna's Gunpla, showing he is a good sport.

Skills & Abilities

Tateo is a skilled Gunpla Builder for his age as he won the Meijin Junior Cup. He also appear to be confident in his skill as a Gunpla Battler.


Tateo first appeared during the Meijin Cup Junior division and he won it. Afterwards, he said a few words to his competitors and then declared Mamoru as his rival. He later entered the Battle Royale when he saw his sister was upset with Sekai. He was later seen in a park playing Gunpla with Mamoru as Shimon and his sister watched from the swings.


It is unknown what relationship Tateo has with his big brother, but the two are very much alike in appearance and personality.
Tateo seems to look up to his sister and was willing to put his Gunpla at risk to help her in battle.
Tateo is good friends with Mamoru and also views him as his rival.



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