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Tallgeese Destroyed is the eighteenth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It first aired in Japan on August 5, 1995 and North America on March 29, 2000.



Lady Une decides to have a new mobile suit made.

Lady Une, getting dressed in her uniform, decides to have the Gundam Engineers build OZ a mobile suit more powerful than the Tallgeese and Gundams. On Earth, Zechs has been captured and is brought to a room on an aircraft carrier where he talks to Treize through an intercom. Zechs refuses to continue to fight for the Romafeller Foundation so Treize requests he 'die' for OZ in heroic fashion.


Zechs talks to Treize.

Romafeller will be sending a sizable unit of troops, 50 Arieses and 20 Cancers piloted by former Alliance members to kill Zechs so they can gain favor with the Romafeller Foundation. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Romafeller Foundation watch a demonstration of the Mobile Doll system, created by Chief Engineer Tubarov. Treize shows up in a Leo and attacks.


Duke Dermail and Tsuberov.

Tsuberov orders them to kill him, but Treize demands that the OZ soldiers murder Tsuberov. After destroying the mobile dolls, he rescinds the order and tells Tsuberov to value human life. In space, a group of alliance soldiers finds Quatre, in a space shuttle. Suddenly, 5 Tauruses arrive, led by Lieutenant Nichol. They attempt to capture the shuttle and blast all the Alliance Leos.


The Gundam engineers.

The alliance commander enters the shuttle and is shocked to find that the Gundam pilot is just a kid. Lady Une says there's no need to keep a Gundam-less pilot alive, and orders for the shuttle's destruction. However, the Gundam Engineers, who previously refused to build OZ a mobile suit, say they'll build a new Mobile Suit for OZ in exchange for Quatre's safety.


The Alliance leader finds Quatre.

Lady Une says to leave the shuttle alone. As soon as the Engineers leave however, Lady Une tells Nichol he can blow it up. Nichol heads there when suddenly a Leo blasts off from the shuttle. All the Tauruses blow up the shuttle, which actually contains the Alliance commander. Quatre, who is in the Leo, floats off safely.


Tallgeese battles Alliance mobile suits.

On Earth, the remainder of the OZ troops on the boat leave and Zechs gets in Tallgeese. The Alliance mobile suits attack, but he destroys them all, including their carrier. During the battle, Zech's ever-present mask shatters and he proclaims that he can no longer be friends with Treize.


Heero makes a speech before his class.

Meanwhile in space Heero makes a speech to his new classmates while we are shown the other 4 pilots are doing. The teacher, who calls him Duo Maxwell tells him that he is going a bit overboard for him welcome speech and asks him to stop. On Earth, Tallgeese is shown on a beach, with Zechs lying there unconscious.

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