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This is the new wikia policy for stuff that got animated from some previous source material: anime versions trump everything else, therefore all HF stuff will have to be separated in 3 versions(anime, G Gen, novel). Same for CCA, Unicorn,Origin, Thunderbolt and Wing/EW.

Also stop bloating the pages with random screenshots, gunpla and game stuff. Mecha pages exist only for lineart and sourced mechanical lore.

I will do this for the HF stuff, so relax. Balofo (talk) 18:18, November 12, 2020 (UTC)

  • First, while I'm not happy with buttload of images in pages either, you can't just come up with a policy without discussion (and seriously, you aren't active enough to expect people would get on the same page immediately). Second, new policy should be on policy page not discussion page (and the name is changed to Fandom for years too). Of course, people already split stuff on their whim since Origin and Thunderbolt, so it isn't like we need policy about this. But that's my third point, I've seen too many promise of "I will do X, so relax." went unfulfilled. So here's the deal, I'll wait for 12 hours. If the new pages aren't ready by then, I'll revert it again, at least until you get the new pages done. It isn't like we never copy the same info and paste it on pages ad nauseam anyway. --My girlfriend was a loli. 17:05, November 12, 2020 (UTC)
  • 1)I would never expect such bitching from you of all people, really disappointed. And you even have your own site to do as you please but you are here being petty.,,
    2)Policy is created by admins, and a policy that isn't enforced is useless. Wikis are not democracies, even if they sell this idea.
    3)This wiki is still a complete joke because there are no rules or quality standard. Which is something I've always fought against, but it's hard since even the other admins are headstrong in the wrong way.
    4)Editing is already a huge time sink, so I try not to waste time in useless bureacracy for something that's a hobby for me. I only care about quality and factual stuff.
    5)Thunderbolt stuff is STILL mixed up, people never cared and still don't.
    6)You shouldn't take promises on a voluntary hobby job seriously. My real life™ comes first.
    7)I don't owe you or anyone here anything, so I will just laugh at your "ultimatum".
    8)The effort you wasted on recovering the irrelevant galleries could have easily gone into creating the page you wanted me to do, "It isn't like we never copy the same info and paste it on pages ad nauseam anyway". Just go to the source edit before my revamp, copy the whole code and create a new pasting that copied code.

    Seriously, I'm the most capable person here to write mecha articles and this fact didn't change just because I haven't contributed for years. I FUCKING know what I'm doing, everything that was removed was bogus, speculation, irrelevant, copy-pasted trash or not canon anymore for the HF anime. The images weren't deleted, I had even contributed whole rare lineart pages for the G Gen redesign, they just don't matter anymore for the anime.
    My saga for this article: I went searching for the best quality lineart, found it, cropped and converted to .png as per wiki policy. Next I do a decent translation of the official description instead of using machine translations as people here do(translations and wording can always be improved, anyway). I then reworked the armament list taking care to remove vulcans and correctly identify the missile launchers as per lineart. Then I finally corrected the misinfo that the G Gen redesign was done by Fujita which had been going for more than a decade and give a correct explanation on the conception of the anime design so we don't have to deal with bullshit trivia. There's nothing to add until the HGUC releases or some new lineart appears.

    I literally wrote the best article possible for the anime Xi Gundam that could be possibly written today. I did it on the same night the info was released and for fucking free so why the fuck are you complaining?

    As I said I will do the articles for every HF anime machine, it's my personal gift for the community. Balofo (talk) 18:18, November 12, 2020 (UTC)
    • Correct; not every user has a say in our policies. But it is a fact that every user should know what the policies are.  Discussions would be the best place for this and not on the fly.
    • Sure you don't formally "owe us" content, there's no formal promise being made. But is it not reasonable that we have expectations when you say "will have to be separated"? Who is doing the separating? This was never specified so we're gonna assume it is the person that said it. When I made the proposal to separate The Origin articles, I did what I proposed. So are you or are you not going to create articles for the Hathaway's Flash novel counterparts? If not, then the least that you could do is find someone to delegate the task to in Discussions.
    • Sometimes it's not purely about the contents of articles. No article exists in a vacuum on a Wiki; they have links, they are linked to, they have categories, they have edit-history (which has been damaged here), on Wikis like are own they have a whole other relationships and properties. When one has had enough experience editing, one realizes that one must think several steps ahead; to future proof, to think about what will break, if it's worth breaking and how to minimize damage.
    • The goal is so much more than having two pages of well-written content for both Movie and Novel RX-105 Ξ Gundams.
      • The factors to consider are:
        • An existing article for the novel Ξ Gundam with its own history,
        • Knowledge that the animated Ξ Gundam will be too different from the novel version.
        • Knowledge of how we handled situations like this before: (as Kuruni says, these are not policies it was originally done on an ad hoc basis for The Origin)
        1. There has to be two articles for each entity.
        2. The article for the anime entity is always the main article with no disambugation in its page title.
      • The objectives are:
        • An article for the novel Ξ Gundam
        • An article for animated Ξ Gundam
      • The protocol is to avoid manual moves and manual blanking:
        1. Use Special:MovePage to move the article to RX-105 Ξ Gundam/Novel, not leaving a redirect behind
        2. RX-105 Ξ Gundam is deleted but what was once under that name is safe under the RX-105 Ξ Gundam/Novel name.
        3. Re-create RX-105 Ξ Gundam but this time to be about the anime version, nothing at all to do with novel version.--FortressMaximus #WeLoveLegends (Talk) Sign 00:03, November 14, 2020 (UTC)
1. How coincidence, I too am disappointed. Unlike personal website, Fandom is community project.

2. Yes, but you aren't the only admin here. At least you should have talk to other admins before making new policy. And seriously, claim that a talk page post being "new policy" without actually include in policy page is just sneaky, that's common sense.
4. I actually understand you here. But if you really don't want to work policy process then leave it to someone who want to, not just come up with it and expect other contributors to follow suit. I'm fine with wanting to experiment or suggestion. Heck, go ahead and use staff's privilege to hog this article and work on it alone is fine IMO. But you can't just claim it's new policy that everyone must follow.
6. Indeed, because it can't be taken seriously, I can't take it for glance. I actually didn't mean you when I talked about unfulfilled promise (it's actually that bastard who requested to separate EW stuff, then promptly stop posting after get the greenlight).But since you take it personally, I'll tell you what I expected: you probably do one or two articles, then stop all activity. Until several moths later, when you throw autism insult at people in talk page.
I didn't complain about the current state of this page, just that the images should be keep for the time being until the old version has its own page.
Look, I still have some respect on your writing ability, because you deserve that. I actually agree with the principle of separating gallery from the articles like many good Wiki out there. And you'll always have my gratitude for providing massive scan at MAHQ back then. But I'll be blunt here for once, I think you've a Narcissistic personality disorder. Now go ahead and do as you please, I want nothing to do with this anymore.--My girlfriend was a loli. 05:12, November 13, 2020 (UTC)

Good, no more petty opposition. Balofo (talk) 11:32, November 13, 2020 (UTC)
  • Well, I just noticed that despite being about anime version, you decide to keep the trivia about previous version. It's objectively misplaced enough that I removed it. Guess you really need to show off there. But that's it, I won't touch the article for some time now.--My girlfriend was a loli. 15:19, November 16, 2020 (UTC)
  • Welp, you fucked up since Moriki is listed in the anime staff list as being in charge of the Mechanical Design Draft. Also this misinfo about Fujita doing the G Gen F redesigns for both Xi and Penelope has been around for more than a decade and someone just copied the misinfo from mahq, where it originated, here and nobody complained until I corrected the trivia. This is important info so it will be kept. Just give up being petty about me and let's fix the wiki. Balofo (talk) 16:08, November 16, 2020 (UTC)
    • Well, thank you for correction then. But why it's important if it's all same person? It isn't like there's note on Sinanju's article about both versions are done by Katoki. Admit it, you just want to show off.--My girlfriend was a loli. 17:36, November 16, 2020 (UTC)
    • Because I've seen people repeating the misinfo for years, thanks to mahq and the lazy copy&paste wiki user. And it's relevant since this particular machine has gone through many redesigns and the anime design is an amalgam. Just nice informative trivia, nothing to do with I wanting to show off. For example there's SRW related trivia on loads of mecha pages and neither you or the other admins ever cared or deleted them. Basicaly only I and Zeph08 delete shitty irrelevant trivia here. Balofo (talk) 18:16, November 16, 2020 (UTC)

Lol, the moron who deleted all the previous info and then locked the page from being edited because they decided to go on a power trip XD I guess all the previous lineart just doesn't exist, huh? Whenever I get on this page I'll just look at the previous version, because these edits are pure subtractive bullshit. 

If we're gonna seperate the page, can someone at least put a "not to be confused with" header somewhere and fix the link in the novel page? I would do it myself, but since this article has been so graciously locked, and noone here feels the need to tell anyone where the new page is, unfortunately I cannot do that. This either needs to change back, or there needs to be some seriously thorough cleanup and redirection at the top of every single page with multiple versions. As things are right now, this is completely unusable garbage. (also I didn't write the unsigned paragraph above, in case anyone thinks I am throwing insults around)Unit Null (talk) 02:47, November 17, 2020 (UTC)Unit Null

No page for the old mecha content yet?

It's been days, and yet the old content for the Xi and Penelope Gundams still haven't been restored. It really shouldn't be that hard to create a different tab for the other media variants of the Gundams. Having seen the Wing Gundam Zero page which had a "TV" and "EW" tabs to differentiate the two variants, we should've seen a similar arrangement for the Xi and Penelope by now. Any word on those efforts?

Novel version finally set up

You can thank me later

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