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Really a GM Kai?

Just recently, this image was added to the GM Type C's image gallery-
File:IMG 0108.JPG

If you look closely, it actually looks more like the GM Type CR or GM II- it has the additional verniers on the crotch and calves and the and the GM II esque raised areas on its knees.  It also has some similarities to the RGM-79R GM II (Like instead of a standard RGM-79 upgraded, its the C type upgraded) It lacks the cheek vents, has the antenna on the other side, the sensor is on the shoulder (instead of closer to the CR's vents) and the paint job is clearly based on the GM II with the yellow additions and grey waist- along with the thumbs being half white.

Actually, is this even official artwork at all?

I dunno, just my two cents.  I really don't think it should be on the GM Kai page. --Blayaden (talk) 14:26, July 3, 2017 (UTC)

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