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Items in the Trivia Section Were Moved

Just noting that a lot of the trivia items that were pertaining to specific characters from the series were moved on to those character's pages. I didn't do this, but the person who did failed to note this in their edits, hence I intially reacted poorly to this info being removed. I of course agree that it should be on the character pages, I just wanted to leave a note here for anyone else that noticed the removal, in case they didn't search as far.

More Ability Points

In episode 41 there is a moment 12:18 where it shows Gundam Fight Ability Point totals for all Gundams in the battle royale, which includes three that are not posted anywhere. Figured it couldn't hurt to add this information if somebody knows how to add this to the specs area of the corresponding pages.

Zeus Gundam: 114.39 (And he was the favorite going into the finals?)

Jester Gundam: 114.23

Cobra Gundam: 121.27 (Not completely clear as the the last number in the 120's is blocked by Lantau Island, but judging by the size of the area blocked, it seems like the only number thin enough could be a 1.

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