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This suit, and possibly the Kikeroga bring up a question.  Given this suit's size 17.5, and presumably the Kikeroga's similar size (although we have no actual specs on the Kikeroga, so it may be nearly as large as the Perfect Zeong was), how did they fit the psycommu system?  The Zeong was only about half of it's intended height of 30 meters, so it was certainly able to house the system somewhere in it's large body, but the Qubeley was supposedly the first suit to have a miniaturaized psycommu system.  Until Axis managed to reduce the size of the psycommu presumably sometime in the mid UC 0080's, everything equipped with a psycommu was either a large mobile armor, or a suit that was over 30 meters tall.  Haman's Psycommu Rick Dom had an enormous tail that housed the psycommu, and this was into the early to mid UC 0080's.  Seeing as the MS-06Z, and MSN-01 do not have any large attachments on them, I have to question how the psycommu was implemented.Diseasicon (talk) 00:12, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

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