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HGUC Zogok?

It's missing from here. Which number is it supposed to be on the list?--Zeikfried 08:36, August 10, 2013 (UTC)


is there anyway of setting this table up so that it would be sorted by the different catorgies IE> sort by series, or sort by price?

HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam (2001)'s new parts

Any rock solid evidence (pictures, or sources) of the first HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam having parts from the G-Armor kit? FigureGunplaFan (talk) 14:51, January 18, 2018 (UTC)


would also like to request evidence for the Super Gundam not originally having the bending toes - the instruction manuals I've seen and promo images all suggest that the feet were always meant to be able to bend.  ~yao l. 19:52, May 21, 2018 (UTC)

What are you talking about? The HGUC Gundam Mk-II mold's toes can be bent . FigureGunplaFan (talk) 09:17, June 20, 2019 (UTC)

Universal Century?

I can't help but notice that there are several non-UC kits listed on this page. After Colony, Future Century, and Cosmic Era are on the list and I've only looked through a few tabs on the table. Loneliness Gundam (talk) 06:31, August 28, 2019 (UTC)

Yes. They are part of the HGUC line. It isn't a mistake, everything has been explained clearly in the main text. Wilfang (talk) 04:56, August 29, 2019 (UTC)

Splitting the Exclusives section

With the massive flooding of P-Bandai releases, perhaps it's time to split the Exclusives section to different sections: one for P-Bandai releases, one for event/convention releases, and one for store exclusive releases (Gundam Front Tokyo, The Gundam Base Tokyo, etc.). The same can also be said for the Master Grade and Real Grade articles as well. What do you think? - Areaseven (talk) 12:30, September 1, 2019 (UTC)

Not a bad idea, though I propose a split between P-Bandai and non-P-Bandai exclusives only. The line between event releases and store exclusives has been increasingly blurred since the opening of The Gundam Base, where most of the new event releases are available all-year-round there. GBT exclusives are sometimes also available overseas during conventions such as C3. Wilfang (talk) 04:13, September 4, 2019 (UTC)

RX-78-2 E235 Gundam JR-EAST Ver.

The Gundam JR-EAST Ver. is neither a HGUC nor a HG. It uses the 1/144 Building Experience Ver. mold, which is kind of a FG version of the HGUC-191. I've changed its description for now, hope someone finds a good place to put it. - Piece.Of.Leaf (talk) 08:35, March 18, 2020 (UTC)

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