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I am pretty sure that the name is Gilbert Durandal, not Dullindal

Master of Manipulation

I think that Chairman Durandal should be given an award for the Best Manipulator. He convinced Athrun to return to ZAFT and Athrun knew that Durandal was lying to the people with his Lacus Clyne look-alike Meer Campbell. Then he quickly got everyone, except Athrun, to believe that the Archangel was a threat to peace. With Shinn Asuka it was easy to manipulate him, all you have to do is show him favoritism and he'll follow you blindly. But the best one in my option is Cagalli's broadcast to the world after Meer Campbell interrupted it and then after Lacus interrupted her. Durandal says to himself 'What is she doing in Orb?' as if he believed his own BS that he said to Athrun, Shinn, and Meer when presenting the Destiny and Legend Gundams. That Kira had left "Lacus" behind and that was the reason "she" came to him. Because he knew the one in Orb was the real Lacus and he had also gotten the report from Captain Gladys that the Freedom had appeared in battle to aid the Archangel and Orb. Durandal could have easily guessed that Kira was the new Freedom's pilot and should have realized that if Kira was back Lacus wouldn't be far behind.Tripodssj6 14:12, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Gilbert Durandal=less equivalent of Hannibal?

Gilbert Durandal was able to get most of the opposing Logos forces against the Logos controlled Atlantic Federation by Djibril in a similar manner to that of Hannibal Lecter.

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