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Decartes Suit

From this text from the novel:


It seems like Descartes suit is just like that of Soma Peries, where the quantum brainwave interference from the outside is minimized. Compare to Setsuna, Descartes was able not to sense the ELS during most of the time. He was only able to sense them when the ELS came in contact with the fangs, which were controlled using Descartes' QBWs. Hope to get some clarifications/corrections on this. --Bronx01 00:26, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

That's not surprising about Descartes suit being specific to block out other QBW's But it doesn't make sense how the suit helped Descartes sense the ELS when we very clearly saw him get a headache whenthe clusterfock of ELS showed up.I guess the suit is meant to channel his QBW' or something. This also brings up the question of the Europa. If the Europa was a bunch of ELS put together, how were Setsuna, Descartes, and any other people with QBW's that attacked it not have some sort of reaction to it?Gaeaman 788 - pilot of the RB-79/FS Ball Full Saber 06:22, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

Let see. First, I think "sense" in the form of ELS sending out waves/QBW interference.
Second, from the movie, and it showed that during the battle, save when he was assimilated, Descartes wasn't getting anything from ELS, until ELS assimilates the fangs, he felt their "waves"/interferences (the pink screen flash).
Third, since ELS are in some way intelligent, I think that they could target their "waves" onto whatever they want. Innovators definitely feel these waves when ELS clearly points these onto the Innovator's direction. Examples are, when Setsuna was targetted by Ribbons/ELS, and during the battle with the ELS/fangs. Louise having headache when Ribbons/ELS was near (I think Louise became a real Innovator, Ribbons planned it that way anyway). When a huge army of ELS appeared on Jupiter, it's main target is the Earth (and people with QBW), and we see the Innovators having headaches/reaction to the ELS.
About the Europa not affecting Descartes and Setsuna that much when it first head to Earth, one explanation is that the size of Europa isn't that big compared to the huge army at Jupiter, thus the feeling isn't that much big (or can't be felt if someone is not in the direction of the wave). Also, at the point of huge army appearing in Jupiter, it's the ELS trying to attack/target the whole Earth, while the Europa is just a curious crew/not much aggressive. In a way, the Europas don't have a certain target or definitive purpose yet. When the armada appeared, its clear to the ELS their main objective is to attack the Earth.
Ah, this might not make sense. I'll look at this later again, I'm tired. --Bronx01 07:35, January 16, 2011 (UTC)
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