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Takaki Uno (タカキ・ウノ Takaki Uno?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

Takaki is the dependable older brother for the younger children in Tekkadan. He cares about others, but can be quite naive. He is also kind, courteous and considerate. He also often worries a lot about everyone's safety and wants to prove himself.

Skills & Abilities

Takaki has experience fighting with mobile workers and suits. He also knows a lot about maintenance. He also knows how to handle guns.


After resigning from Tekkadan for his sister's sake, he currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his sister Fuka.

Later, after Tekkadan is branded a criminal organization for assisting McGillis Fareed's failed revolution, they contact Prime Minister Togonosuke Makanai for assistance in forging new identities for themselves. Takaki reveals himself to be Makanai's assistant and eagerly offered to help repay Orga, who had assisted him in getting the new job.

Takaki eventually became the secretary of Arbrau's Prime Minister, Lasker Alesi‎, after Makanai passed away. Lasker believes Takaki could lead his constituents and become a parliament member in time.


Fuka Uno

Fuka is Takaki's little sister. He's extremely close to her and he values her above anything else. His greatest desire is just to be with her at all times. After Tekkadan's Earth Branch was founded, Takaki moved to Earth with Fuka and they lived together in an apartment in Edmonton.

Aston Altland

Aston was formerly one of the Brewers before joining up with Tekkedan. Following the Battle of Edmonton, he was stationed on Earth with the Tekkadan Earth Branch. He remained a loner until he and Takaki started talking. Aston was apprehensive at first, but eventually the two of them developed a friendship. During the final battle in the war between Arbrau and SAU, Aston shielded Takaki from an attack by McGillis Fareed. In his final moments, he expressed to Takaki that he regretted they ever became friends because of the sadness he felt for leaving behind such wonderful friends. But he thanks Takaki for all the pleasant memories they shared before dying.

Ride Mass

Takaki and Ride were best friends as well as rivals. Throughout the series, Ride has always competed against Takaki. In the first season, the two of them were always seen together. In season two, following Takaki's assignment to Earth, Ride continued to push himself to keep up with Takaki.

Biscuit Griffon

Biscuit meant a lot to Takaki and the rest of Tekkadan. Takaki was one of those who was most affected by his death. During the Battle of Edmonton, he wore Biscuit's hat not only to honor his memory, but also to show his determination to win.

Yamagi Gilmerton

Takaki, Ride, and Yamagi were really good friends. Whenever the three of them were off duty, they would spend time together.


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