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The TK-53/s CGS Mobile Worker Space Type (aka Tekkadan Mobile Worker Space Type) is a mobile weapon featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A space-use version of the ground-use TK-53 CGS Mobile Worker. Space activity was made possible due to the installation of a propellant tank and replacement of the ground-use wheels with vernier nozzles.[1][2]


  • 30mm Machine Gun
The CGS Mobile Worker Space Type possess two 30mm machine guns mounted on the hardpoints on either sides. While they are able to do damage to other mobile workers, they can barely do any damage to mobile suits due to their Nano Laminated Armor.[3]
  • Missile Pod
The pair of 30mm machine guns can be replaced with a pair of 8-tube missile pods when required.
  • Bomb Container[4]
Replacing the machine gun on the left side, the bomb container is detached from the mobile worker once it reached the target destination and then triggered via the remaining right machine gun. Used during Tekkadan's battle with Orcus as they leave Mars.[5]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Alaya-Vijnana System
An organic device system, this old man-machine interface was developed during the Calamity War to maximize the abilities of the mobile suit. However, it can also be use for piloting mobile worker. The system has two parts, one part is installed in the mobile worker, and the other part is implanted into the pilot’s spine. With this system, the pilot can connect to the mobile worker's computer and directly process its data. It also allows the pilot (even uneducated ones) to operate mobile worker without reading the instruction manual. The implant in the pilot also enhances spatial awareness. The drop in technical capabilities after the Calamity War, coupled with the use of an incomplete version of the system in the Outer Sphere areas (such as Mars and Jupiter), lead to the implant surgery having a low success rate and can only be done at a young age to let the implant fuse as the pilot grow.


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