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The TBG-011B Try Burning Gundam is a Gunpla from Gundam Build Fighters Try. It is an upgrade of the BG-011B Build Burning Gundam, piloted by Sekai Kamiki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Compared to its predecessor, the BG-011B Build Burning Gundam, the Try Burning has reinforced joint armor and is installed with a new system known as the "Burning Burst System" to maximize its Plavsky Particle emission. Similar to the Build Burning, the Try Burning's transparent blue parts are for storing Plavsky Particles for later emission, and more of them are hidden below the armor. Although the suit has no shield, it can defend against projectile and ranged beam attacks using its elbow armor like its predecessor. The suit can also release Plavsky Particles from it soles in an attempt to protect itself from attacks below. Normally, these Plavsky Particles are used for propulsion, much like those released from the Gunpla's back.

When Sekai assimilates with Try Burning, its performance improves by more than 3 times and the transparent blue parts turn orange from the change in the Plavsky Particles' color. Furthermore, all the Plavsky Particles stored in the suit can be released at once, and this causes the entire Try Burning to be engulfed in flames. The suit also gains the ability to generate a barrier during assimilation. The weakness of assimilation is that the damages sustained by the Gunpla are reflected onto Sekai. Before the finals of the U-19 Championship, the Try Burning was remodeled so that its polycaps are interchangeable with that of its teammates. This allows the damaged Try Burning to be repaired using its teammates parts, allowing it to fight properly during the overtime battle as the team's representative.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Barrier
By controlling the particle emission during assimilation, the Try Burning can generate a barrier to protect itself or its teammates.
  • Burning Burst System
Designed by Yuuma Kousaka, the Burning Burst System is used during assimilation. This system allows Try Burning to purge parts of its external armor on the clavicles, shoulders, forearms, side skirts and lower legs, revealing the transparent parts hidden beneath. The purging of parts allows for the smooth release of the Plavsky Particles stored in the transparent parts, and thus helps to maximize Try Burning's Plavsky Particle emission.
  • RG's Core Unit
Like the Build Burning, the transparent parts are an application of the GAT-X105B/ST Star Build Strike Gundam's RG System. The core unit of these parts are located in the chest and when it is activated, the Try Burning is revitalized and Plavsky Particles are released directly from storage.

Special Attacks

  • Flaming Sword
After activating the Burning Burst System, the Try Burning can use the released Plavsky Particles to form a handheld fire sword for close combat. The nature of this weapon seems to be similar to the Shining Gundam's Shining Finger Sword.
  • Houou Haoh-Ken (鳳凰覇王拳 Conquering Phoenix Fist?)
The Try Burning releases a large amount of Plavsky Particles while punching after assimilation, and this creates a powerful fire attack in the form of a phoenix. Thanks to the Burning Burst System, the Try Burning can execute this attack without damaging itself, unlike its predecessor. This is Sekai's first original technique.
  • Jigen Haoh School Martial Arts
Sekai Kamiki practices a style of martial arts known as Jigen Haō-Ryū Kempō (次元覇王流拳法 Jigen Haoh School Martial Arts or Dimensional Overlord's Style Martial Arts?). While piloting the Try Burning Gundam, Sekai demonstrates the power of this art.
  • Hadō Reppaku-Ken (波動列帛拳 Burst Wave Fist?)
Used after Sekai assimilates with the Try Burning, fire engulfs the entire right forearm, which is then used to punch the ground and send a wave of blazing flames towards the target.
  • Ryūsei Rasen-Ken (流星螺旋拳 Meteor Spiral Fist?)
A punch executed with a fist rotating at high speed. The rotation serves to increase the destructive power of the punch, and causes Plavsky Particles to be scattered away from the fist. When executed during assimilation, the fist is engulfed in flames.
  • Seiken-Zuki (聖拳突き Sacred Fist Punch?)
A straight (or occasionally, lunging) punch, it is capable of rending the plastic off of a Gunpla and sending it flying.
  • Senpū Tatsumaki-geri (旋風竜巻蹴り Whirlwind Tornado Kick?)
A high speed spinning kick executed in mid-air. Furious spinning done by Try Burning Gundam prior to launching the kick serves to enhance the attack's destructive power, and also creates a twister that is capable of parrying enemy attacks (including missiles and other projectiles).
  • Shippu-Zuki (疾風突き Gale Punch?)
A punch that is capable of stirring up the wind and scattering Plavsky Particles away from the playing field.
  • Soten Guren-Ken (蒼天紅蓮拳 Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist?)
A powerful jumping uppercut.
  • Unnamed Technique A
Created by Sekai during his battle with NK-13J Denial Gundam, the use of this move seems to be linked to the RG's Core Unit. In this attack, the Try Burning creates multiple Plavsky Particle projections of itself that are capable of attacking the enemy using various Jigen Haoh School techniques. When required, each projection is capable of instantly shifting its position in a teleportation-like manner. After the projections have finished their attacks, Try Burning then lays its hand on the opponent and blasts through it with a powerful yellow beam.
  • Unnamed Technique B
Executed with the help of the Plavsky Power Gate generated by Star Winning's Star Funnels, the Try Burning flies through the gate after activating the Burning Burst System. Try Burning rotates its fist as it passes through the gate, and it is then engulfed in flame, taking on the form of a phoenix.


For the Try Burning Gundam's history, please go to Sekai Kamiki's page.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Try Burning Gundam, like its predecessor, appears to have a Mobile Fighter theme to it, with its main design focus being on unarmed hand-to-hand combat and powerful special attacks. In addition, its Gunpla fighter is a martial artist of great skill, similar to Domon Kasshu.
  • The unnamed technique used by the Try Burning Gundam at the end of its fight with the Denial Gundam shared similar traits with techniques used by the by the GF13-017NJII God Gundam in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series:
    • The Try Burning created copies of itself, similar to the Bunshin Sappou God Shadow technique.
    • The attack used by the Try Burning at the end of the unnamed technique is similar to the Bakunetsu God Finger, particularly the version of the attack where power is projected as an energy wave.

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