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This article is about the mobile suit. For the anime series this unit is named after, see ∀ Gundam.

The System-∀99 ∀ Gundam (pronounced as "Turn A Gundam", aka "", "White Doll" or "Mustache") is the titular mobile suit of Turn A Gundam. It is piloted primarily by Loran Cehack.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

The Turn A was originally created for interstellar war in anticipation of an invasion from powers outside the solar system. It represented the culmination of super-advanced technologies from eons past, but the exact details of these technologies are largely unknown. Despite historical lessons that most weapons are built for specialized purposes and that excessively multifunctional weapons are impractical, the Turn A was designed with the principle of "single machine operations" (単機による作戦行動 Tanki niyoru sakusen koudou?) in mind, completely ignoring this rule. It is said that the fear of extrasolar forces eliminated all restrictions related to its development. Constructed without any limitations, the Turn A transcended the concept of a mere weapon. This unique origin led to speculation that the Turn A might be the legendary mobile suit "Gundam".[2]

Unlike other mobile suits, including those that predate the Turn A itself, the Turn A is powered by a DHGCP (Discontinuous Hyperoscillation Gauge Collapsing Pile)-type generator, which is essentially an artificial black hole. Like the MRC-F20 SUMO, the Turn A is driven by the IFBD (I-Field Beam Drive) system, which covers the unit with I-Field beams generated internally, and controls them to move the suit. This drive system leaves the inside of the suit mostly empty, as space is not taken up by anything other than the power reactor and generator.[3][4] The Turn A can therefore equip various weapons inside its chest, such as missiles or beam cannons.[5][6] The legs of the Turn A contain an array of thruster vanes, which are a collection of two-dimensional nozzles equipped with superminiature thrusters.[2][7] The powerful thrust generated by these ultra small thrusters allows the Turn A to push a spaceship backward and to pull and drag mobile suits in midair. The actual performance limits of the Turn A's thrusters, including their maximum speed and operational environment, are not known.[7]

The head of the Turn A is both a collection of sensors and the central core of the mobile suit's control. While the mobile suit is operated by the pilot, its movements are controlled by picking up the pilot's thoughts through the "Spine Pulse Sensor" installed in the pilot's seat.[7] The surface of the Turn A is covered with self-repairing nanomachines, known as Nanoskin (Nano-Surface Kinetic Improvement Nervation), which protect the unit at the molecular level.[8][9] The Turn A's armaments consist of a beam rifle, two beam cannons, two beam sabers, and a shield. Maintenance and support facilities are essential for the Turn A, which serves as the demonstration unit of "System ∀". This system operates as a powerful tactical system in conjunction with the DOC (Device Operation Control) base.[1] However, the DOC base stops functioning in C.C. 2345, preventing it from demonstrating its full capabilities.[10] Most of the weapons stored inside the DOC, discovered underground in Vicinity, crumble upon exposure to air, except for the Gundam Hammer (Hyper Hammer), likely due to a malfunction of the nanomachines.[11]

The Turn A's nanomachines are capable of a devastating attack known as the "Moonlight Butterfly", named after the visual appearance of the attack. These nanomachines have the ability to disintegrate all matter, including artificial objects and organic materials.[12][13][14] They can also be used for defensive purposes, such as absorbing beam attacks and explosions. The back weapon pallet of the Turn A was originally intended to be equipped with weapons based on the Seventh Generation Minovsky Physical Theory (7th-GMPT), a nondestructive MS-incapacitating technology, during the conceptual phase of the "System ∀". However, the development of such weapons was not completed in time for the demonstration test for "System ∀", and thus beam sabers were provisionally installed for melee combat.[15]


  • Abdominal Beam Cannon[1]
A pair of beam cannons are the default equipment housed in the Turn A's abdomen, but they can be replaced with other equipment.[9] The beam cannons have a wide attack range and their beams cannot be counteracted by an I-Field, forcing the Turn X to sacrifice its "Carapace" weapon platform to protect itself.
The Turn A is armed with two beam sabers, which are stored on the Turn A's shoulders and have adjustable power output and range. The two beam sabers can also be held side by side to generate a longer saber blade. Additionally, they can function as defensive armament when the Turn A spins its manipulators in a 360° motion while holding them, creating makeshift beam shields. These beam sabers are not part of the Turn A's initial armaments and are later excavated at Mountain Cycle.
  • Chest Multi-Purpose Silo[1]
The Turn A's Multi-Purpose Silos can be equipped with missile pods, beam drive units, and other weapons.[1] They are often loaded with Militia-made missiles of an unknown type following some research with defected Moonrace engineer, Niven Horace. Two of these silos are used to store ancient nuclear warheads for later disposal in space, until Loran uses them to destroy a fragment of the Mistletoe artificial satellite that is falling towards Von City of the Moon. Apart from warheads, the silos can also be used to store other things, such as livestock.
  • Beam Rifle
The Turn A's primary weapon for medium and long-range combat.[9] The beam rifle fires high energy beams at sublight speed.[16] Since the Turn A was designed not only to fight mobile suits but also massive space warships, its beam rifle boasts a high output.[2] A round dial on the stock is used to adjust the rifle's output. Firing at maximum output without adjusting the dial first can damage the rifle's beam condenser and, in the worst case, cause the barrel to explode.[7] The beam rifle can be stored on the back or on the back skirt when not in use. The original rifle found with the Turn A on Mount Ark melts after firing just two shots, after that a new rifle is excavated from Vicinity's Mountain Cycle and is brought to the Gallop for the Turn A's use.
  • Shield
A defensive armament that can block both beams and physical attacks, including solid projectiles and even shockwaves from a nuclear blast. A built-in mechanism allows the shield to slide forward when mounted on the forearm. The shield can be stored on the back or on the back skirt when not in use. It was not part of the Turn A's initial armaments found on Mount Ark and was later excavated at Vicinity's Mountain Cycle. The shield is able to generate an I-Field that can deflect a Wodom's enhanced mega particle cannon, which possesses the power to destroy an entire mountain in a single hit.[9][17] However, because the Turn A's defense ultimately depends on the "Moonlight Butterfly", the strength of the shield is not very high.[9] It is destroyed during the Turn A's first battle with the Turn X, but a new one is supplied to the Turn A after it is captured by the Ghingham Fleet and used during the decisive battles on Earth.
  • Gundam Hammer
The Gundam Hammer is a large spiked ball attached to a chain with four rockets built in to the spherical body, similar to a flail in use. The Turn A could either throw or swing the hammer around itself to impact and damage its target through the sheer mass of the hammer. It can also be used as a chain to restrict enemy movement or spun quickly to create an impromptu shield. The rockets aid in increasing the Hammer's speed, allowing for destructive drilling attacks on the enemy with the ball. Additionally, the hammer can deploy an I-Field to interfere with the enemy's drive system.[2] The Gundam Hammer that is found in the DOC Base located underground in Vicinity crumbles to dust moments after being used to ward off an attacking JMA-0530 (Model U) Wodom, but three more are later excavated from Vicinity's Mountain Cycle and is brought to the Gallop for the Turn A's use, although two of them are later lost in combat. The remaining one is briefly used by Sochie Heim's AMX-109 Kapool. It is also known as the "Hyper Hammer".
  • Minchi Drill
The Minchi Drill is a unique mace-like drill that the Turn A salvaged from the destroyed TAF-M9 Eagail. It is based on a shield machine (tunnel boring machine) used for excavations. This weapon can pulverize or even cut through mobile suits.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Core Fighter
The Turn A Gundam's cockpit block is located at the front of the pelvis. During an emergency, the cockpit block can detach together with the left and right front skirt armor to form a small, flight-capable escape pod known as "Core Fighter".[9] The inside of the cockpit is fitted with a full panoramic monitor and a virtual reality helmet known as "VR Met", which allows the pilot to accurately capture the information and location of enemy mobile suits.[18] The cockpit seat attachment has a function that secures the pilot to the seat instead of using a harness. Because of this attachment, Loran, who is naked during his first flight, ends up with stigmata on his back.[19]
  • Moonlight Butterfly (月光蝶 Gekkouchou?)
Both the Turn A and Turn X are capable of a devastating attack called the "Moonlight Butterfly", which is performed by releasing countless nanomachines from the back section of the Turn-types. This attack was responsible for turning civilizations on Earth into sand in the ancient past. The nanomachines can be used for defensive purposes as well as offensive, such as disintegrating matter and absorbing energy from beam attacks and explosions.[20] In sufficient quantities, the nanomachines can change the landscape of an entire region, which led to the formation of Mountain Cycles on both Earth and the Moon. In fact, the majority of Earth's landscapes were created by these nanomachines, as past destruction caused by them covered the planet with a new layer of topsoil. These mountainous terrains have a unique sandy texture, composed of remnants of apoptosed nanomachines.[21]
  • Nanoskin (Nano-Surface Kinetic Improvement Nervation)
The surface of the Turn A is covered with a nanomachine armor called "Nanoskin," which constantly repairs itself at the molecular level and regenerates damaged areas of the mobile suit.[9][22] In theory, as long as the unit's body and nanomachines remain, complete regeneration of the Turn A and even its pilot is possible.[9] Considered an intelligent or smart armor, the Nanoskin forms an incredibly strong chitinous multilayered structure composed of amino sugar-like polymers, which mitigates, offsets, disperses, and absorbs external impact. In the event of damage, the Nanoskin can repair and reinforce the surrounding areas immediately, thereby minimizing the damage.[8] The Wodom's armor is also equipped with Nanoskin; however, unlike that of the Turn-types, its Nanoskin cannot repair the unit's internal machinery.[23] The Nanoskin also has the ability to protect an object from deterioration over time, maintaining it in a pristine and operable condition for thousands of years. It was used to cover technology buried in the Mountain Cycles, and it disintegrated when exposed to air.[21]
  • Teleportation
The Turn-types, namely the Turn A and Turn X, were the culmination of super-advanced technologies from the Dark History era and are known for their ability to equip diverse weaponry as well as teleport.[24] The Turn A demonstrates the ability to teleport during a brief battle with G-M1F Bandit piloted by Merrybell Gadget, after it spins its beam sabers in front of the G-M1F Bandit, and once again in the midst of a battle between Sochie Heim and Sweatson Stero.[25]
  • System ∀
The Turn A was the demonstration unit of this system, with the number in its model code (System-∀99) denoting the 99th version of the System ∀. Originally, it functioned as a tactical system integrated with the DOC, but the true extent of the system's application remains unknown. It is also unclear whether it includes the control system for the IFBD and Moonlight Butterfly.[16][25][26]


The Turn A was created following the discovery of the Concept-X 6-1-2 Turn X, which originated from beyond the solar system and drifted to the Earth sphere for unknown reasons prior to the beginning of the Correct Century. In response to the perceived threat posed by the Turn X's advanced technology and the specter of an invasion from powers outside the solar system, the people in the Earth sphere constructed the Turn A based on its system and technology. In the end, there was no invasion from outer space, but the recurring conflicts within the Earth sphere culminated in a final battle between two factions. The Earthlings, who possessed the Turn A, believed that civilization should be reset and rebuilt, while the Moonrace, with their Turn X, sought to resolve all conflicts with the power of technology. In the climactic stage of the battle known as the “Final War” which involved all of humanity, both Turn-types were deployed. Ultimately, the Turn X was defeated, and the Turn A brought about the destruction of civilization on Earth. In the aftermath of the war, the Earth's surface was covered by a new layer of topsoil and the Moonrace were forced to retreat from the Earth. Both Turn-types were then buried in the Mountain Cycles they respectively created at their final destinations.[27] These events are assumed to have led to the beginning of C.C. 0001.

In C.C 2345, the Turn A was found by Loran Cehack and Sochie Heim outside the city of Nocis, the capital city of Inglessa. At that time, the Turn A was known as the "White Doll" (referred to as such by most characters) and appeared to be a statue used in the coming-of-age ritual by teenagers. However, when the forces of Dianna Counter attacked Nocis, the Turn A became active and revealed itself to be an operational mobile suit. The Turn A, primarily piloted by Loran, then allied with the Inglessa Militia in their struggle against the invading Moonrace, serving as their trump card against the Moonrace's more advanced mobile suit forces. Eventually, after accompanying the Willgem to the Moon, Loran learned the shocking truth about the Turn A's past from the data of the "Dark History", which contained records of ancient space wars leading up to the destruction of civilizations by the Turn A.

The Turn A was later captured by the Ghingham Fleet on the Moon's surface after it was paralyzed by the Turn X's all-range attack, forcing Loran to escape in the Core Fighter. It was then fitted with a cockpit from a MRC-F20 SUMO and sent to Earth as part of Gym Ghingham's invading army, where Merrybell Gadget used the Turn A's Moonlight Butterfly to inflict damage on several Amerian towns. After the Militia reclaimed the Turn A by infiltrating the Willgem, Joseph Yaht piloted the Turn A in an attempt to defeat the Turn X but was overpowered and almost killed if not for his teammates' intervention. Loran then had the cockpits swapped and once again used the Turn A for the final showdown.

During their final battle at Lost Mountain, both Turn-types unleashed their Moonlight Butterflies and fought until they heavily damaged each other in close combat. Both Loran and Gym escaped unharmed and subsequently engaged in a short sword duel. Gym was then engulfed by the nanomachines, which formed a cocoon, as the Moonlight Butterflies from both Turn-types were unable to destroy each other. At the end of the battle, both Turn-types were enveloped in a nanomachine cocoon, sealing the menaces of Dark History once again.


  • System-∀98 ∀ Gundam, Prototype. Performance Demonstration Test Bed Unit (Test Bed ∀)
A test machine for the Turn A Gundam, said to be used for the demonstration of teleportation and data collection. The unit's chest is hollow because it serves as a weapons platform for receiving weapons and ammunition from external sources through teleportation.[28]
  • System-∀99 ∀ Gundam, Full Equipment Type
The Turn A Gundam that is said to have been in operation prior to the Dark History. Little is known about this unit; however, there are several notable differences compared to the Turn A in the Correct Century such as its color scheme and a cross design on its chest.[28]




∀ Gundam[]

Mobile Suit Gundam Light of Life Chronicle U.C.[]


Illustration & Artwork[]



Action Figures[]


Notes & Trivia[]

  • The chest of the ∀ Gundam has sometimes been depicted as bearing a white cross instead of being completely blue.
    • The Master Grade model kit of the ∀ Gundam has the option of swapping the blue cross-shaped piece of the chest with a white one.
  • Although Hajime Katoki did a redesign of the ∀ Gundam that has a different mouthpiece, which more closely resembles that of a standard Gundam, the Master Grade model kit, which he designed, is the same as the anime version.
  • The ∀ Gundam was chosen to be the 100th Master Grade Gunpla model kit and at around the same time, the first release of the ∀ Gundam DVD box set was announced.[26][31]
  • A Dark History version of the Turn A is featured in various novels and games, and was originally created for Harutoshi Fukui's novelization. A Newtype pilot is required to unlock the full powers of this Turn A, and this includes several abilities not seen in the show, such as teleportation as far as from the Earth to the Moon.[32] and teleportation of its weapons and even beams (by creating Cocoons);[33] it is also revealed to have a Psycommu System that is capable of channeling the "life force" of the Earth.[32]
  • A number of mass-produced Turn A featuring a visor and a grey color scheme are shown in the ∀ Gundam's prequel manga Wind of the Moon. At least four were known to exist and they operated alongside the Turn A during the Dark History.[29]
  • According to Akira Yasuda, writer and illustrator of Wind of the Moon, the mass-produced Turn A depicted in the story is called "ターンBジム".[34] This name can be translated as "Turn B GM" or "Turn B Jim".
    • Yasuda also noted the shoulder-mounted equipment of the Dark History Turn A in Wind of the Moon is a prototype non-destructive device that disables MS using the Seventh Generation Minovsky Physical Theory (7th-GMPT).[35]


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