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This article is about the mobile suit. For the anime series this unit is named after, see ∀ Gundam.

The System-∀99 ∀ Gundam (pronounced as "Turn A Gundam", aka "", "White Doll" or "Mustache") is the titular mobile suit of Turn A Gundam. It is piloted primarily by Loran Cehack.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Turn A Gundam was originally designed for interstellar warfare. Unlike other mobile suits (even those that predate the Turn A itself), the Turn A is powered by a DHGCP power plant (Discontinuous Hyperoscillation Gauge Collapsing Pile) in its abdomen, which is essentially an artificial black hole. This is used in conjunction with an innovative reactionless I-Field Beam Drive system to move the suit's limbs and provide thrust. As a result, the unit's chest is almost entirely hollow and can equip various weapons inside, such as missiles or beam cannons. The legs too are hollow due to the use of the I-Field Beam Drive, and contain an array of thruster vanes which are used to power the suit's jumps and flight. This leaves the back of the unit free to store more weapons and equipment if desired. The Gundam's armor is also covered with self-repairing nanomachines, dubbed "Nanoskin".

The Turn A features a standard set of armaments consisting of a beam rifle, two beam cannons, two beam sabers and a shield. It can also mount various weapons (such as missiles) in the chest to compliment it's basic weaponry. It can also use a powerful I-Field capable of covering a large area and affecting matter. To further enhance its combat power, the Turn A has support areas called DOC Bases (Device Operation Control) which hold various armaments for the Turn A. These DOC bases allow the Turn A to adapt to the situation at hand by equipping a variety of weapons. One of these DOC Bases was discovered in C.C. (Correct Century) 2345 by Loran Cehack. However, the discovered base had been sealed and not maintained by any nanomachines during the thousands of years the Turn A was buried, so almost all its weapons crumbled upon exposure to air. The only weapon still usable was a hyper hammer that was simple and thick enough to remain intact for a short while after millennia without maintenance.

The Turn A's on-board nanomachines are capable of a devastating attack known as the "Moonlight Butterfly" (named after the visual appearance of the attack). The Turn A's nanomachines have the ability to disintegrate all artificial matter, and can merge with weather systems to create large ionic storms capable of covering a much wider area. These nanomachines can be used offensively or defensively for all range attack and defense. The nanomachines are capable not only of destroying technology however, but of maintaining and repairing it too. This ability is not instantaneous though, and it requires a considerable amount of time. Additionally, the Turn A is capable of bending light through an unknown method and cloaking itself from the sensors of most mobile suits.


  • Abdomen Beam Cannon[1]
By default, the Turn A has two beam cannons in its abdomen, but they can switched out for other equipment.[2] These beam cannons create a cone of particles several times the Turn A's own size in front of them and are more comparable to a shotgun than a cannon.
The Turn A is armed with two beam sabers, stored on the Turn A's shoulders and have a adjustable power output and range. The two beam sabers can also be held side by side to generate a longer saber blade. The beam sabers can also be used as a defensive armament when the Turn A rotates its manipulators in a 360 degree motion while holding them, creating make-shift beam shields. It wasn't part of the Turn A's initial armaments and was later excavated at Mountain Cycle.
  • Chest Multi-Purpose Silo[1]
The Turn A's Multi-Purpose Silos were originally used to store various weapons. They were often loaded with Militia-made missiles of an unknown type after some research with defected Moonrace engineer, Niven Horace. Two of these Silos were used to store ancient nuclear warheads for a while to be disposed in space, until Loran used them to destroy a fragment of the Mistletoe artificial satellite that was falling towards Von City of the Moon. Aside from warheads, the Silos can also be used to store other things, like livestock.
  • Beam Rifle
The Turn A's primary weapon for medium and long-range combat,[2] the beam rifle fires high energy beams at sublight speed.[3] Since the Turn A was designed to combat massive space warships, its beam rifle has a high output.[4] A round dial on the stock is used to adjust the rifle's output. Firing at maximum output without adjusting the dial first can damage the rifle's beam condenser, and in the worst case, cause the barrel to explode.[5] The Beam Rifle can be stored on the back or on the back skirt when not in use. The original Rifle that was found with the Turn A on Mt.Ark melted after firing just 2 shots, after that a new Rifle was excavated from Vicinity's Mountain Cycle and was brought to the Gallop for the Turn A's use.
  • Shield
A defensive armament that can block both beam and physical attacks. A built-in mechanism allows the shield to slide forward when mounted on the forearm. The shield can be stored on the back or on the back skirt when not in use. It wasn't part of the Turn A's initial armaments found on Mt.Ark and was later excavated at Vicinity's Mountain Cycle. It was destroyed during the Turn A's first battle with the Turn X, but a new one was supplied to the Turn A after it was captured by the Ghingham Fleet and used during the decisive battles on Earth.
  • Gundam Hammer
The Gundam Hammer was a large spiked ball attached to a chain with four rockets built in to the spherical body, and is similar to a flail in use. The Turn A could either throw or swing the hammer around itself in order to impact and damage its target through the sheer mass of the hammer. It can also be used as a chain to restrict enemy movement or spun quickly to create an impromptu shield. The rockets aid in increasing the Hammer's speed, allowing for destructive drilling attacks on the enemy with the ball. The Gundam Hammer that was found in the DOC Base at Nochis crumbled to dust moments after being used to ward off an attacking Wodom, but three more were later excavated from Vicinity's Mountain Cycle and was brought to the Gallop for the Turn A's use, although two of them were also later lost in combat. The other one was used by Sochie Heim's AMX-109 Kapool for a short period. It is also known as "Hyper Hammer".
  • Minchi Drill
The Minchi Drill is a unique mace-like drill that the Turn A salvaged from the destroyed TAF-M9 Eagail. It is based on a shield machine (tunnel boring machine) used for excavations. This weapon can pulverize or even cut through mobile suits.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Core Block System
The Turn A features a Core Block System like some other Gundam type mobile suits. The Core Block System allows the Turn A's Core Fighter (which is also its cockpit and front skirts) to detach from the main body of the mobile suit. This core fighter can also equip several missiles for offensive purposes.
  • Spine Pulse Sensor
A system integrated into the pilot seat, the Spine Pulse Sensor allows the pilot to control the Turn A through thoughts.[5]
  • VR Helmet
Installed in the Turn A's cockpit was a retractable virtual reality helmet which connects to the mobile suit's camera sensors and can be used to aim as well as to view distant objects. This helmet is also known as "VR Met" or "VR Head".
  • I-Field Barrier
The I-Field forms an invisible barrier around the Turn A, protecting it from incoming energy attacks. The Turn A's I-Field is notable not just because it is used to power the machine's movements as part of a reactionless drive but it also has a bio-feedback system of some kind. When the pilot sits inside the cockpit they become part of the I-Field's loop and the strength of any shield it uses is dependent on the willpower of the pilot as well as the power of the Turn A itself. It shares this system with the SUMO, and using it can tax the pilot because it's driven by their own energy and willpower. The Turn A's cockpit seat has a serious of studs that connect to the pilot suit, and which were used as marks of worship by the people of Inglessa and it is possible the pilot connects to the I-Field through these studs. The I-Field is powerful enough to deflect a Wodom's Anti-Ship Beam Cannon and even provide protection from the heat and radiation of a nearby nuclear explosion.
  • Moonlight Butterfly (月光蝶 Gekkouchou?)
Both the Turn A and Turn X are capable of a devastating attack called the "Moonlight Butterfly", where numerous nanomachines are stretched along an I-Field protruding from the back section of the Turn units, creating large, iridescent butterfly wings. This attack can merge with weather systems when inside an atmosphere, multiplying its power by creating ionic storms that can cover a much wider area. The nanomachines can be used for defensive purposes as well as for offensive, such as disintegrating artificial matter and absorbing energy from incoming attacks.
  • Nanomachine Regeneration System
The Turn A's Nanomachine Regeneration System allows it to "regenerate" any damaged areas on the mobile suit. However, it is notable that this feature is impractical in battle as the Nanomachine Regeneration System requires a considerabe amount of time. The Turn units can also use the nanomachines to bury any technology they desire, maintaining it indefinitely as if it were new. This is what formed the "mountain cycles" both Ameria and the Moonrace seek out for pockets of lost technology during the show. The nanomachines that bury such technology cover it in a thin "nanoskin" that maintains anything inside in a pristine condition, while merging with the Earth around them to create a loose sandy soil. In theory, as long as nanomachines remain, complete regneration of the Turn A and even the pilot is possible[6]; this principle is further elaborated in the Fukui novelization, for the nanomachines are said to be capable of regenerating the entirety of the Turn A after being destroyed by the Keilas Guilie, over the course of hundreds to thousands of years[7].
  • Seventh Generation Minovsky Physical Theory (7th-GMPT)
A weapon system suggested to be able to, when activated, disable Minovsky particle-based technology. However, its exact capabilities are not known.


It was said that the Turn A is a reversed engineered Turn X. The Turn A was created due to the discovery of the Turn X, which was found before the Correct Century started, drifting in space. The Turn X outclassed all other mobile weapons at the time, and the Earthlings were horrified by such advance technology that far surpassed their own. The Earthlings figured that if such a technologically advanced civilization were to attack them, they would stand no chance. Thus the Turn A was created. However after the creation of the Turn A, the Earth was divided into two factions, one possessing the Turn X and one possessing the Turn A, and a war between both sides began. The Turn X was eventually defeated by the Turn A and received the X-shaped scar on its chest. The Turn A then proceeded to destroy Earth's civilization using its Moonlight Butterfly, spreading nanomachines across the planet's surface and turning all of mankind's technology into sand. These events are assumed to have led to the beginning of C.C. 0001.

In C.C 2345, the Turn A Gundam was found by Loran Cehack and Sochie Heim, outside the city of Nocis, the capital city of Inglessa. The Turn A was called the "White Doll" (most of the characters referred to it as the White Doll) at that time and appeared to be a statue of sorts used in the coming of age ritual by teenagers. However, the Turn A became active and revealed itself to be an operational mobile suit when the forces of Dianna Counter attacked Nocis. The Turn A then take the side of the Inglessa Militia in their struggle against the invading Moonrace, piloted primarily by Loran. It would serve as the Inglessa Militia's trump card against the Moonrace's more advanced mobile suit forces. Eventually, after accompanying the Willgem to the Moon, Loran finally learned the dark truth about the Turn A's past from the data of the "Black History".

Subsequently, Loran discovered several features of the Turn A that he was unaware of, most notably that the cockpit was a Core Fighter capable of separating from the mobile suit. He also discovered the ability to make the Turn A vanish from sight through bending lightwaves. The Turn A was later captured by the Ghingham Fleet on the Moon's surface after it was paralyzed by the Concept-X 6-1-2 Turn X's all-range attack, forcing Loran to escape in the Core Fighter. It was then retrofitted with a cockpit from a G-M1F Bandit and sent to Earth as part of Ghingham's invading army, where its Moonlight Butterfly was used by Merrybell Gadget to inflict damage on several Ameria towns. After the Militia reclaimed the Turn A by infiltrating the Willgem, Joseph Yaht piloted the it in order to defeat Ghingham's Turn X, but was overpowered and almost killed if not for his teammates' intervention. Loran then had the cockpits swapped and once again launched in the Turn A for the final showdown.

During its final battle with the Turn X, both machines unleashed their Moonlight Butterflys and engaged in single combat. Both Turn units fought each other to a stalemate until both units managed to heavily damage each other in close combat. Both pilots, Loran Cehack and Gym Ghingham, escaped unharmed and subsequently engaged in a short sword duel. However, both machines were encased in a large cocoon as the Moonlight Butterfly from both machines were of equal strength and thus both suits were unable destroy each other. Eventually, both the Turn units and Gym Ghingham were encased in the cocoon created by the two Moonlight Butterflys for an unknown amount of time (presumably for a long time).


  • Black History Turn A
The original version of the Turn A used during the Black History. This unit is featured in various novels and games, and was originally created for Harutoshi Fukui's novelization. A Newtype pilot is required to unlock the full powers of this Turn A, and this includes several abilities not seen in the show, such as teleportation as far as from the Earth to the Moon[7], and teleportation of its weapons and even beams[8]; it's also revealed to have a Psycommu System that is capable of channeling the "life force" of the Earth[7], with the Light of Life Chronicle UC special implying this same system can generate miracles akin to Axis Shock.
  • SYSTEM ∀-98 Prototype ∀ Gundam
  • SYSTEM ∀-98 with System Sky Step
  • Enhancement ∀ Gundam
  • Perfect ∀ Gundam




Action Figures


Notes & Trivia

  • The ∀ Gundam was chosen to be the 100th Master Grade Gunpla model kit and at around the same time, the first release of the ∀ Gundam DVD box set was announced.[9][10]
  • Although Hajime Katoki did a redesign of the ∀ Gundam that has a different mouth-piece, which more closely resembles that of a standard Gundam, the Master Grade model kit, which he designed, is the same as the anime version.
  • The chest of the ∀ Gundam has sometimes been depicted as bearing a white cross instead of being completely blue.
    • The Master Grade of the ∀ Gundam has the option of swapping the blue cross-shaped piece of the chest with a white one.


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