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Sydle (シドレ?) is a minor character from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


Scirocco appointed Jerid leader of a battle squadron with two subordinates to command; Sarah Zabiarov and Siddeley. Watching them closely, Mouar assumed that Scirocco is trying to bring Jerid under his wing [1].

Jerid was rather harsh towards Sarah and Siddeley, but got them to participate in a sortie against the Argama. They ended up crossing paths with Reccoa and Mario, who were heading towards the Argama with the Methuss and G-Defender. Siddeley suggested calling on the Dogosse Giar for backup but was overruled by Jerid [1].

At the Dogosse Gier, Mouar pleaded Scirocco for permission to assist Jerid, but he refused, deciding instead to just watch how Jerid handles the situation. Jerid told Siddeley to co-ordinate their movements with Sarah. But the latter, who'd grown resentful of Jerid, disregarded this advice. Their small team entered into battle unaided and Siddeley's Marasai was destroyed by Kamille's Zeta Gundam [1].



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